Hogan Reportedly Paid Late, TNA Stars Sending Feelers to WWE?, More

Posted by Matt Boone July 18, 2013 21 Comments

- In case you missed it on Wednesday morning, D-Lo Brown has also been cut by TNA. As noted, Bruce Prichard is also out. Apparently Prichard refused to restructure his deal, as reported, but also turned down a “night of” TV producer job.

- Regarding Doc, he was scheduled to turn babyface and feud with Mr. Anderson. There’s some speculation that Doc may be brought back eventually.

- Many talents in TNA are not happy about what’s going on and some have sent feelers to WWE officials through friends.

- We’ve noted how there have been issues with talents, office workers and vendors getting paid late by TNA. One source has confirmed reports of Hulk Hogan being paid late at one point. The pay issues have not affected every single person in the company but many were affected.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Derp

    RIP TNA. Lol, you can’t even afford to pay your employees because you have Brooke and Hulk taking all the money to stand around and be boring. Pathetic. Remember when everybody was talking about how rich TNA owners are? Apparently they aren’t so rich if they are cutting as many people as they are. Seems like they probably ditched half their roster so far. And more are still leaving.

    • Derp

      Where is Kage to come suckle all over Dixie’s weiner?

    • The Troll Hunter

      little kids that wish the demise of a company & wrestlers that you supposedly enjoy watching. Yeah, this sums up the ignorance of WWzombiEs.

    • ariel

      its so true hulk Hogan gets paid a massive amount of money and I understand hes the most successful wrestler of all time but this company just cant afford it and I also feel that brooke is making way more then she should as well due to her father’s clout and shes very boring and not a good .

  • Dammit

    TNA was so promising before Hogan/Bischoff. Impact went: 1-2 X division matches, a Knockout Match, mid-carders, tag teams (remember those?), then a Heavyweight match to end the show. Now its Hogans running wild! Dammit Miz!

  • trollo derpo

    easy fix
    fire Hogantits/bitchoff
    and no one will be paid late

    • tnanjgirl

      Sounds logical to me, but logic doesn’t seem to be TNA’s style. If the originals abandon ship, then I don’t see much hope left for this company.

  • jmhall2369

    What TNA needs to do is return to its roots and weed out all the WWE retreads. Goodbye Hogan, Sting, Brooke, Rob Terry, Knox, Anderson, Chavo. My roster (current + acquisitions and returns): Styles, Sabin, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Aries, Roode, Kazarian, Daniels, Kenny King, Marasciulo, Manic (TJ Perkins), Dutt, Matt Morgan, Spud, Joey Ryan, Zema Ion, Storm, Gunner, Hernandez, Homicide, Scorpio Sky, Jigsaw/Rubix, Uhaa Nation, Eric Young, ODB, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Taryn Terrell, Saturyne, Velvet Sky. Angle, Hardy, Bully would stick around a little longer but ultimately I have to transition to a younger group.

    Return the six sided ring. Be a real alternative to WWE. Have working arrangements with other companies like PWG and ROH and exchange talent from time to time.

  • farmer

    where the hell is abyss??

  • hulk


  • Beer Money Jobber

    Hogan should have never been paid to be a wrestler, he certainly isn’t one. He should have to pay back the AWA, WWF-WWE, WCW, TNA & whoever else he’s been employed by. His 2 moves are even worse than the Rock’s & the doo rag & toilet seat bleach blonde bald head have to go.

    • Knock

      The Rock has more than 2 moves

      • Beer Money Jobber

        The people’s elbow & the rock bottom are his 2 moves…………………..
        Oh wait, I forgot the almighty people’s eyebrow. That’s a hell of a move. I wish I could raise my eyebrow like that.

        • peter12

          Will you please shut the hell up.

          • Beer Money Jobber

            Why, because I don’t like either Hogan or the Rock, too f’n bad.

          • Knock

            No because your facts are wrong.

          • Pinmepayme

            Enlighten us please. Oh I’m sorry are you counting the peoples elbow as a move?

          • yomama

            How old are u kids. 7/8 IM guessing. your arguing like kids

          • Pinmepayme

            Sorry but with a name like peter, you shouldn’t talk.

  • ariel

    you know when hulk Hogan is being paid late this ship is sinking faster then the titanic !!!

  • George Flegel

    TNA needs to dump Hogan fast, before he sinks the entire company. His old ass is probably way overpaid and he’s stealing the spotlight, as well as money, from the deserving talent on the TNA roster.

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