Hogan Talks About Wrestling Needing A New Era, Live Impact

Posted by Brad Davis April 22, 2012 23 Comments

TNA’s “General Manager” Hulk Hogan recently answered several questions from fans about the TNA product.

Impact Going Live: “would solve 75% of the issues, but they need money to do it. He has “been beating that drum for the last 2yrs.”

Wrestling Needing A New Era: “Getting my head really wrapped around the fan business requests and how to transition Impact Wrestling beyond the Mania, Attitude era, nWo era. Not just grow in a black beard or just switch a title or just verbally say were changing, I’m talking about really changing [the] foundation to put wrestling in a whole new era. I know I came up with the idea, I’m gonna really flush it out before I drop the bomb on you Maniacs.

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      if that rumor is true then that just means Lesnar will beat Cena into a pulp at Extreme Rules.

    • kindred1313

      I wonder if Brock fuckes up in the Orton match, Orton can get him fired like he does with every one that fucks up in his matches

      • Kitty

        The WWE needs to FIRE their entire writing staff. The storylines are getting just ridicules, and the acting is just plain bad.

        • BigPimpinTigerBlood

          Maybe The WWE writing staff can get jobs at Walgreens

        • expo23

          it reminds you of the last wcw days,like things are just put together at the last minute,the mic work is terrible

        • Broski

          I totally agree with you, especially on what they did to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28.

    • Ho Kogan

      I don’t see how Orton will fit into this whole feud between Brock and Cena. This current feud is being really hyped up, and if they already have plans for Orton vs. Brock, then that doesn’t give them much time for the current feud with Cena to build up like it has been. It will be a really tight situation, because they will need a proper feud and enough time to build up Orton vs. Brock…

    • mistico

      Only $250 for the ECW originals? No wonder TNA is losing talent.

      • Th_Mssngr

        At the same time, how smart was the talent for taking $250? Shrewd move on TNA’s part.

    • ……

      That sick how the wwe tag champs can defend their titles in another promotion

    • …..

      Lol did old ‘ol J.R just use “word” to end his sentence? That’s sick….

    • http://twitter.com/theseizurecomic Quan Williams

      Kharma’s coming back. Can’t wait.

    • Bob Cah

      I like this very much and wish to get the updates of all stars always!

    • Broski

      $250 is just a price of WIFI only PS VITA. I hope that Shane Douglas is lying because the salary is just ridiculous and mocking!

    • Broski

      I agree that going live will partly solve its problems, but not as big as 75%. The statement “They see it as another ridiculous statement made by someone who is out of touch with what TNA really needs to do, yet has a lot of say in the direction of the company.” – is exactly true about Hulk Hogan, so I think that TNA needs to let Hogan and BischoffS go and hire better writers instead. TNA already got talents!

    • Rohan

      In Wrestlemania 28, The Rock vs John Cena’s match was a fake, just like a dummy match. It was completely scripted.

    • Kassius Oh Yes

      This comments section sucks monkey a$$

    • hell yeah

      Fire Mysterio already… Push Ricardo :)

    • vaibhav

      shane douglas was nt even a part of hardcore justice its fake

    • TOM


      • Unknown

        Its not just Vince the inductee needs to agree to the induction as well and Bruno Sammartino even said he isn’t ready to be inducted yet after he was asked.


      what are you guys talking about? isnt this post about nash?


        wtf how did i end up here.. lol

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