Hogan Wants TNA World Heavyweight Title, Impact Viewership

Posted by Matt Boone December 23, 2012 17 Comments

- Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling drew 1.27 million viewers.

- The Guardian has a new article where they ask celebrities what’s on their Christmas wish list this year. Here are some Hulk Hogan’s wishes:

“Knee surgery I’ve had eight back surgeries, I’ve had knee replacements, I’ve had both hip replacements. I only need one more surgery – to fix my right knee – then I’m going to go for the TNA world title. I want to be 59 years old and be the champion.”

  • Old Hogan


  • Tna

    Shit hogan is gay

  • GohomeHH

    Problem is TNA is probably stupid enough to do it

  • Papa Georgio

    I hope TNA isn’t stupid enough to give Hogan their World Title. It was bad enough that TNA gave the belt to Mick Foley a few years back, but if they give to Hogan that will really ruin any credibility their organization may have.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      They are stupid. They gave a tag title to a drunk, out of shape Scott Hall.

      • Papa Georgio

        That was more out of sympathy but dumb nonetheless. I guess TNA does get their routes from WCW and how could we forget that David Arquette once held that prestigious title. Hogan winning it is almost as bad as when VKM ‘beat’ Bob Lashley for the ECW Title and pretty much tanked any credibility ECW had plus VKM basically pissed all over ECW legacy with that particular stun IMHO.

  • Ice


  • Hurricane Jeb

    I hope TNA’s Creative reads these comments. If Hogan gets the belt he will ruin the credibility of the TNA Title, like he’s done to the other titles especially the X division title. Once he’s done he will go back to WWE and kiss VKM A**.

  • WTF

    Wait… he isn’t even 60 yet?!

  • What

    What on earth is hogan going to gain from winning this world title? I’d rather see a knockout diva win it.

  • wmdwf

    Seriously? tna’s ratings are in the toilet and the company’s about to be flushed away forever and he would like to have a Christmas wish of being tna champion. Sure put the title on him tna and watch your company finally lose its last two or three viewers. Merry Christmas.

  • Hollywood HOgan

    They offered me the title… but I didn’t turn it down!

  • Kage

    LOL at people taking this seriously.

  • http://twitter.com/Heyman_guy CM Venk

    He fuck’n looks 90

  • ashkatchum

    If he gets it then the writing on the wall people better find another place to work

  • LordBöserich

    Hogan is trolling stupid internet fans….love it!



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