Hogan & Warrior Offered $100,000 For Face-To-Face Interview

Posted by Brad Davis August 1, 2011 Comments are off

and The have been offered $100,000 each to take part in a sit-down interview about eachother by Highspots.com. Highspots wants the interview to feature the two men face-to-face.

The Warrior began trashing Hulk Hogan on the internet earlier this year, starting a back-and-forth war of words on the internet which climaxed with an 8-part video from Ultimate Warrior trashing The Hulkster. You can check out his videos here, which he described as karma coming to collect on Hulk Hogan.

There’s no word yet on whether either man has interest in doing this or not.

Highspots is the same company that did a big deal with for a shoot interview, which ended with both sides in court. Highspots said Flair owed them $35,000 for a loan they gave him while they were in business together, which Flair never paid back. Flair was eventually ordered to pay the money back in court.

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