Hogan/WMXXX Update, Big Names Set For 2/24 RAW?

Posted by Matt Boone January 23, 2014 14 Comments

It appears pretty likely at this point that not only will Hulk Hogan not be competing in an actual match at WrestleMania XXX, he may not be involved physically in any form or fashion.

The latest word coming out of WWE is that Hogan was examined by their doctors and as a result, the decision was made not to use him in a physical capacity whenever he returns to the company officially.

Additionally, there is talk in WWE that the company may debut Hulk Hogan, along with several other big names, at the WWE RAW show on February 24th. The 2/22 RAW is the night after Elimination Chamber and the night that the WWE Network officially launches.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • charley ramirez

      Who wants to see a geriatric egocentric old man fight at Wrestlemania. Bad call WWE, Bad Call.

    • Bulkster

      Aww man, this is devastating. Not surprising factoring all the surgeries and what not. But as a lifelong Hulkamaniac, I would’ve loved to see the big leg get dropped at XXX.

      • TheMachineX2

        Ha Ha . – that’s hilarious! Leg drop such a devastating finisher. Not to mention I have seen HH do his leg drop in probably 3yrs. after that highly publicized back surgery where he sued the surgeon. His claimed his back ended being worse. Actually, I’m surprised that WWE is even wasting their time and money with him, but I’m sure its probably a low amount. HH is probably forced to take it just to keep his face associated with the industry.

        • John Webber

          Yea your pretty stupid

          • TheMachineX2

            yea and your just a troll. I tracked you and see that all you do is posts insults to ppl. you never have anything intelligent to contribute on any particular subject. you just randomly attack ppl. Maybe you should try turning off your computer and pick up a book an read.

    • WeAreTheOnes

      It says the February 24 Raw show and then the next sentence says 2/22. okay.

    • TheMachineX2

      well no duh? That’s why Dixie cut his busted up old ass. HH wants big money but he cant even wrestle.

      • dannighteowl

        ever heard of a legends contract?

        • TheMachineX2

          Legends? look man these old guys cant even move in the ring anymore. Cosmetically they look horrible. Their bald, in their mid 40’s – 60 ‘s sometimes have no muscle mass nor in some cases can they even put off their finisher. When Jake returned to RAW a couple of weeks ago he had trouble even climbing into the ring. So disappointing.

          • dannighteowl

            i can understand what you are saying but it worked for WWE when they brought back Bret Hart and he can`t wrestle either .

            People just like to see these people like Rick Flair , Mick Foley , Dusty Rhodes , Roddy Piper . I could go on and on with names that have come back and this is a special Wrestlemania for WWE . The Undertaker can barely wrestle too . People might think that maybe Hogan fucked up TNA , but as far as i`m concerned Dixie Carter doesn`t need any help and that is why Hogan got the fuck out of there .

            • TheMachineX2

              Nah, you see that where your definitely wrong. Dixie is not messing up her company she is doing all the right moves. 10 years ago most people didn’t even know that TNA even existed and over those years Dixie brought in some of the most well known names in wrestling to help establish her company as a legitimate alternative to wwe and she continues to do that ( American Wolves). To help TNA evolve you have to bring input from many different sources ( nwa, wwe, wcw, ecw, international promotions, different creative input like Sullivan, Jarrett, Russo, Cornette, Bischoff, etc. ) . HH was just another brick in the wall but in 2014 there’s only so much you can do with a HH and TNA did it, and when his contract was up you have to ask yourself do I really want to pay this guy more? I personally was tired of seeing HH week after week and Sting too. Don’t get me wrong those guys are legends and icons but their glory days have long gone. I love TNA, I love Dixie Carter and will continue to support them.

            • John Webber

              And fast forward 10 years later and TNA is about to go out of business. So yea she is making all the “right” moves

            • TheMachineX2

              look dude , I really don’t know what your problem is? If you don’t agree good , you can have your own opinion. I feel that I fairly characterized the on goings and possible rationale with Dixie and HER company TNA. If your suggestion is that she should have gave him a truck load of cash when he is not doing anything for ratings or even wrestling for that matter it is you who is stupid. According to this web site even wwe withdrew their offer to HH bcuz he didn’t pass their physical exam ( scroll up and read). So what do want from me?

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny has never been a fan of the Chumpster. Could do without ever seeing him again. If the WWE has to have him appear at WM XXX, let him run down to ring with the American flag before the National Anthem. Ooooooh, wait a minute, if he does that, he may bust a hip……..scratch that thought.

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