Huge Backstage Update On Brooke Hogan’s Release From TNA Impact Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone August 17, 2013 14 Comments

As we reported on Friday, Brooke Hogan has officially been released from TNA Impact Wrestling. The feeling within the company was that her role as an on-air talent had pretty much run its’ course. As we noted, the split appeared to be amicable, as both sides seemed to agree that it was time to part ways.

According to one report, Brooke’s father and TNA executive Hulk Hogan was brought in on the discussions regarding the Brooke Hogan release, and appeared to agree that it was the right thing for business.

As far as Brooke’s future is concerned, she is said to be focusing more on non-wrestling projects at this point in time. Apparently the door is open for her to return to TNA at some point down the line, as long as it makes sense for all parties involved.

Additionally, financial considerations factored into the decision to cut Brooke from the company. The general feeling within TNA is that paying someone such as Brooke, who is a non-wrestler that didn’t really draw any added ratings or move any additional merchandise, is a luxury that the company can’t afford. Especially when you consider the fact that actual established in-ring workers are being cut left-and-right recently. WWE SummerSlam Results Center!


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    • Shockmaster

      So why do they bring in guys like Rampage and Tito if they can’t afford people like that?

      • Ray

        Does TNA even pay them?

        • Kage

          No, they have a joint contract with Bellator.

    • Ray

      I’m glad she was released, It’s true, why pay her when she doesn’t do anything for TNA.

    • Cody McDowd

      Bout damn time!

    • anthony j

      Get rid of Hogan and his 2 million dollar annual salary, then you can afford to get wrestlers like Batista or Morrison. Not saying they will sign, but you now will have the money and assests to do it. But please don’t go back and wrestle in Orlando again. If you wanna expand your company, you got to take the televised events on the road.

    • Bray Wyatt

      I think the whole hogan thing has run its course. Fire him and pay some one big money who can wrestle.

    • Yolanda Sheppard

      But one thing no one knows is a wrestler knows the business and get someone don’t know the business is not right so she was brought up in the business just give a chances to make it her only thing and just let her do what her dad taught her

    • Hugh Man

      Jesus, she looks like leather face.

    • Nefarious

      The only difference is that most 18-25 females know who Brooke is, they couldnt name a single wrestler. Doesnt make much sense to cut the only connecting force between 52% of the 18-25 population and your company.

      TNA is once again proving they know absolutely nothing about marketing–ha ha!

    • mas8baller

      LOL There’s still wrestling? Who watches wrestling anymore?

    • Alisha Chavez

      You guys know nothing about the hogan family Brooke was head manger for the TNA knockouts and those girls would be nothing without her and the males would be nothing without her father

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Her 15 minutes of fame are way past due.

    • geo

      she is another worthless narcissist… what contribution has she given the world?? good case for abortions…. just another wealthy selfish waste of humanity…

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