Huge RAW Spoiler For Monday: Several Hall Of Famers Confirmed

Posted by Matt Boone August 23, 2014 4 Comments

One of the themes of this coming Monday’s edition of WWE RAW will be a WWE Hall Of Famers discussion of the Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match at WWE Night Of Champions for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Confirmed to be participating are Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Additional WWE Hall Of Famers may be involved in the segment as well. wrote the following about the segment:

“The WWE Universe is still buzzing about the brutal beating John Cena suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. To kick off Raw, WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair will be in the house to weigh in on the upcoming Brock-Cena rematch at Night of Champions. And following a week of relative silence for the normally outspoken Superstar, Cena will be at Raw to address the WWE Universe. What else awaits? offers some theories and predictions.”

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    • Jason Joseph

      How is this a spoiler it’s going to be on raw pre show on the network before raw starts and reported the news

      • JAED

        Well….maybe it would behoove me to regularly do the TapOutXT workout DVD’s I’ve got, lift weights, do calasthenics and work out, do aerobic activity regularly and be consistent, eat in smaller portions eat less, drink less
        and keep focused on things I want to do and achieve and get myself into the WWE!
        That way I can get in WWE in the future, PD catheter or whatever…and get into the WWE ring and actually physically kick ass on Cena and anyone who gets in my fucking way!!! Even my own bad, negative habits.
        What matters is that I do whatever the hell I need to do and eventually get one or two dogs and also be able to be Randy Orton’s girlfriend and also be romantically involved with and marry Randy Orton!!!!
        He may not exactly know how to handle a protection trained Czech/DDR GSD or an Akita…but whatever dog or dogs I get I’ll teach him how to handle them and what to do and not to do with them in training and interacting with them.
        Am I concerned and/or worried that Randy isn’t ever going to be clean shaven EVER AGAIN and that he’s always going to be a heelish bad guy like he is and that I won’t ever be able to be happy or feel good again??
        Yes, at times….but if I don’t do things to make my dreams, hopes, desires, wishes and heartsongs a reality then I’ve got no chance in hell. As long as i do things I need to do I will get to have what I want.
        My attitude is….go for it!!!! Hate on the things I also dislike and object to….and do things I want to do in my own life and stop allowing John Cena, Kim Marie, or anyone or anything else…even myself stop me and hate on things I don’t want….such as things which suck horribly lousy, awful, disappointingly, discouragingly, dissatisfyingly and atrociously bad in WWE…like:
        *Randy Orton being romantically involved with/the boyfriend of that Latino girl Kim Marie which is absolutely hurtful, sickening and objectionable
        * Randy Orton having to go around having facial hair, looking going along with and having to go behaving like a fucking loser and being in The Authority which sucks tremendously horrible and is unprofessional and inappropriate
        * Randy Orton being a quitter or giving up on being the clean shaven Viper underdog, good guy, babyface with heart like he used to be
        * Randy Orton not being WWE Champion at the right time for the right reasons
        * Randy Orton going along with the idiotic suckfest b.s. and being a heel
        * Randy Orton having to have The Authority merch, t-shirts, Apex Predator shirts, etc that suck and are totally lameassed
        * Randy Orton having to hate on people who watch WWE but John Cena not having to sucks
        *Randy Orton having to not be clean shaven at the right and appropriate time
        * Randy Orton having to have suckfest artwork and merch on WWE Shop

        • matrisxide

          cena is always going to be champion after all he has used the ideas and concepts of fans (without their permission) to help him so he can have anything…or a lot of things he wants because of that.
          no it isn’t fair but that’s exactly how it is.

        • Gues


          SHUT….UP…..Jesus Christ.

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