Huge Update On The Alberto Del Rio & Drew McIntyre Real-Life Brawl

Posted by Matt Boone August 19, 2013 18 Comments

More details have come to light regarding the story we published late Sunday night involving the real-life brawl featuring WWE Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre.

As the story goes, the two were at an Irish pub on Saturday night and a physical altercation broke out between Del Rio and several of the patrons at the establishment. According to one eye-witness, Del Rio got involved in a verbal confrontation with a gentleman, when several of his friends stepped in. This led to the physicality that broke out, and apparently fellow WWE Superstar McIntyre jumped in on behalf of Del Rio. Apparently the two were beaten up pretty good.

When Del Rio returned to the hotel, he had two black eyes, bad bruising and swelling, and was attempting to cover his face so that he would not be spotted by anyone in the lobby. Del Rio was accompanied by McIntyre, who didn’t have as much actual facial damage, but was said to be pretty lumped up as well. Update:

Photo of the black-eye and swelling on Alberto Del Rio’s face


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    • Darwin

      Man, now the members of 3MB are forced to job to regular people on top of the wrestlers…

      • Eric

        Weren’t they already?

    • troll

      ADR deserves it.
      Drew McIntyre doesn’t.

    • candice lewis

      del rio needs some karate lessons..

    • GEOCOOP60

      Just shows that outside that ring that these guys are just normal Joes who can get their asses kicked just like anyone else!!!

      • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

        YEAAA!! so right ! because a group of guys vs two people is fair right? your an idiot if you think they could still win unless lesnar is then they might of had a chance

        • GEOCOOP60

          Idk the circumstances behind this or what started it, but I do know that there have been times when a wrestler has gone into a bar & let his Buick mouth overload his fiat ass & paid the price for it!!!

          • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

            yea im also sure every drunk guy at the bar trys to start shit cuz wrestlings fake… welll its STILL REAL TO ME DAMNITT!!!!

            • GEOCOOP60

              Did you see the bulllspit spin that they put on Del Rio’s injuries on RAW Monday night? LOL!
              “They were as a result of the beating he took from Christian at Summer Slam”.
              YEA RIGHT!!

        • spell check

          You badly need grammar/spelling lessons.

          • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

            haha not an english major

        • DN_87

          Sounds like The Shield.

    • P.P. Johnny

      As everyone knows, P.P. Johnny has a lot of “street credit” & is privileged to inside info. Word on the street is Sheamus & his gang of 1-800-FELLA’s did in Del Rio & McIntyre. That’ll teach them to go Guinness for Guinness with the big boys in an Irish Pub.

    • jericho

      To bad brock wasnt there

    • odamn

      considering del rio used to be an mma fighter i don’t think he needs any.

    • j h

      All along I thought wrestling was real

    • Owen Hart

      I wish I was as good as Cena but sadly I’m just a failure, now I’m in hell where I belong, swallowing Satans acid cum while a demon fucks me up the ass with his spiky red cock, I deserve it for being a faggot

    • stonelefty

      what does this say about the wht?????????????????????/

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