Hulk Hogan Answers Sting Going to WWE & Ted Turner Rumors

Posted by Matt Boone November 14, 2012 5 Comments

Hulk Hogan was asked on Twitter of rumors that Triple H is interested in signing Sting to WWE after his TNA contract expires.

“I don’t blame him, Sting is hotter than he’s ever been and still moves like he’s a teenager, don’t forget I’m Sting’s partner. HH.”

Hogan also dismissed the possibility of Ted Turner investing in TNA to help move Impact.

“I’ve had that thought come into my head about a million times already, good idea, it’s just a different time now. HH”

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    • Papa Georgio

      That’s a great idea as Ted did such a good job with WCW.

      • shane-o-mac

        Actually ted turner did do a good job with wcw in the beginning cuz all he did was write the checks and let bitchoff run the show and hire the talent. It was the people ted hired at the end that messed wcw up as the people he hired didn’t know or care about wrestling,just the bottom line ( profits ).it would be a major victory for tna to get someone like turner to back tna financially. If it happened it could be the rebirth of the Monday night wars aka the good old days.

      • David Ross

        Ted was solidly behind it as wrestling helped establish TBS back in the day. The problem was the aol/time warner merger. Ted lost an incredible amount of power when the merger happened that all he could do was watch as Jamie Kellner kicked WCW off TNT. That was the real death stroke for WCW. Even at the end it was doing decent numbers (compared to other cable shows) and could’ve survived if they found someone half competent to run it. It’s a shame as I loved JCP and WCW, even the crappy Jim Herd era. The Ding Dongs, anyone?!?

    • turbo-tastic

      so there will be Undertaker vs Sting in Wrestlemania.. :D

    • BareBum

      don’t forget I’m Sting’s partner. HH.So did they get marriied and TMZ missed it

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