Hulk Hogan On Arsenio: Problems With Vince, Interesting Comment On Cena

Posted by Matt Boone March 29, 2014 0 Comment

The following are clips of ’s recent appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show:

Hulk Hogan on : ‘Somebody Needs To Drag Him Around The Ring For 30 Minutes’

Hulk Hogan has some surprising things to say about WWE star John Cena, but it’s why he says it that might shock you the most.

How Changed Wrestling Forever

As Hulk Hogan preps for Wrestlemania 30, he looks back on the first Wrestlemania ever. He tells Arsenio that it was Mr. T who changed professional wrestling forever.

Hulk Hogan Owns Up To Problems With

Hulk Hogan is taking the high road when he looks back on his days with Vince McMahon. See what problems he takes credits for.

Hulk Hogan Opens Up About The Toll Reality TV Took On His Family

Hulk Hogan speaks very candidly about the issues his family faced following their reality show.