Hulk Hogan Comments on Bully Ray, Latest Episode of “The List” with Robbie E

Posted by Matt Boone January 9, 2013 3 Comments

- Embedded below is the latest episode of “The List” with Robbie E. Robbie gives tips to five wrestlers on the TNA roster to help them with the New Year.

- Hulk Hogan wrote the following about Impact Wrestling without Bully Ray on Twitter last night.

“Looking foward to IMPACT this Thursday with no Bully. … I’ve been around way to long to buy Bully’s bs… I can tell when he’s talking to me that he’s lying. HH”

  • Spencer Elliott

    Let’s hope so! Bully in Aces&Eights would be its only redeeming feature, uniting the Dudley Boyz!

    • Kage

      I’d rather have Bully just go back to being a heel. It’s still too early for a 3D reunion.

      • Spencer Elliott

        Bully and Devon as heels in Aces&Eights would be the only logical way to introduce Bully. Essentially making him even more heel…
        Then Aces&Eights aren’t entirely an entirely pointless plot point.
        You can always turn Devon and Bully face later to dissolve Aces&Eights…

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