Hulk Hogan Comments on Jeff Hardy Missing UK Tour

Posted by Matt Boone February 25, 2013 5 Comments

Hulk Hogan noted during a recent interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine that he was not happy with Jeff Hardy missing TNA’s recent UK Tour.

“Dixie Carter runs the company, but if it was up to me and it had been my decision, Bobby Roode would have been a great champion to have right now,” Hogan said. “The (UK) tour plus a champion makes sense; a tour with no champion doesn’t make sense. [But] I choose my battles; some people look at the picture differently to how I do.”

  • Kage

    I wish Roode was still champ…

    Though I don’t mind Hardy.

  • Chyna

    For once Hulk is right, Hardy has to commit to one thing or the other, the brand couldn’t even be represented by its face, appalling.

  • Chyna

    Plus Roode is just plain better, on the mic and in the ring.

  • What

    Roode is awesome!! “Hey Reff he hit me with the chair!!” Lol

  • Not Chris Jericho

    They should’ve just let Chris Daniels take it in his Impact match, go on the tour, then lose it when they came back. Not hard to dot that “i” or cross that “t” . TNA management is just stupid. No champ on the tour? Wow.

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