Hulk Hogan Being Considered For New RAW GM, Sting/WWE Note

Posted by Matt Boone February 22, 2014 5 Comments

According to one source, there is talk among the WWE creative team of making Hulk Hogan an on-screen authority figure for the company. Apparently there is a possibility that Hogan will become the new “General Manager” of RAW.

At one point, there was talk of Sting becoming the new GM, but apparently he has still not signed with the company, and due to his questionable status, the talk has switched to Hogan possibly becoming the GM.


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    • Bulkster

      Better for Hogan than Sting anyway. Brad Maddox has had a few good moments, but Hulk Hogan is whats best for business. Brother!

    • Undertaker316
    • JayRoz1982

      This is becoming a dangerous trend as I yet again find myself agreeing with Undertaker316 in this matter. Neither one of these guys should be GM of anything…I mean did anyone watch TNA with Hogan trying to play the role of a GM? Hogan is a great talker and a great self promoter, but he’s abysmal when having to promote other people he’s not in a program with. And Sting is great on the mic in my opinion, but what would be his angle? Personally, I think if they aren’t going to compete in the ring they should be used as global ambassadors of wrestling or working at the training centre and with the NXT guys and gals. But that’s just my opinion and that’s if Sting were actually signed with WWE

    • Monte

      Hogan for GM would be a great ratings boost, and hopefully keep the fans interested post wrestlemania.

    • Jonathan Lee

      What but we will miss brad. Note to wwe don’t bury brad maddox

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