Hulk Hogan Expresses Excitement For Tonight’s Return, NXT Star Gets New Name

Posted by Matt Boone February 24, 2014 7 Comments

- WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan continues to express his excitement about his scheduled return to WWE at tonight’s RAW show in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He tweeted the following on Monday afternoon:

– New Jersey-based independent wrestler “Trademark” Tommy Maclin, who was signed to a WWE developmental deal in late 2013, has been given the ring name of “Stephen Kupryk.” His official Twitter account is now available at @NXTKupryk.

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    • Undertaker316

      i dont even care about hulk hogan returning im excited about the undertaker returning !

      • Lee Macko

        Also the posbillity of Sting as well…

    • Bulkster

      I feel the power of Hulkamaniacs from all over the world galvanizing, Waiting to erupt tonight in Green Bay. Hogan! Hogan! Hogan!

      • Hulk Hogan

        Oh me too Brother! Wrestling is in my blood, brother. And it’s also in my hip brother! And in my knees brother! And in my back brother! Brother brother brother brother brother! BROTHER!!!!

        • Lee Macko

          How could it be In your knees BROTHER? I thought you took an arrow to the knee BROTHER!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny could give a bald doo rag about the Chumpster’s return. I just hope his walker or hip don’t give out. That would be mustn’t see TV.

    • Hector Naranjo

      Its cool that he’s back but ppl forget how many times he’s left his WWE “home” and gone to another company to directly compete with WWE. He’s a flip flop, as soon as someone else offers him a bigger figure, he’ll turn his back on WWE again and call that other place the place to be.

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