Hulk Hogan Featured On Adult Swim Cartoon On Sunday, Producers Speak Out

Posted by Matt Boone September 20, 2013 0 Comment

star ’s voice will be featured in the / series, “, ” which premieres its’ second season on Sunday night. The Spinoff Online website recently spoke to the producers of the show about working with Hogan to provide his voice for the program, as well as working with Hogan’s daughter Brooke.

“He is excited about Brooke (Hogan)’s involvement, as well. He loves it. It’s really great that we have Brooke, and that she’s so talented. That gives him an additional investment,” said executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld. He continued, “[Producer] Brad [Neely] had to go to Tampa to record him once, but for the most part, he does all of his recordings in Tampa remotely. He came here [Los Angeles] once, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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