Hulk Hogan Helps A Charity, Ric Flair’s Legal Drama, More

Posted by Brad Davis April 6, 2011 1 Comment

recently helped a charity in Florida raise over $100,000, by taking part in a contest that gave away a 2011 “ edition” Chevy Camaro SS to one lucky winner. You can check out pics of the car and read more on the story at

— The trial for’s lawsuit against is back on. The trial is set to begin in April 18th. Highspots had issued a statement that they had settled with Flair, but Flair didn’t adhere to the agreement so the case is going to court. It is over $35,000 that Flair allegedly owes Highspots and the original National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight championship belt, which Highspots claimed they were given as collateral for the loan. The two sides will begin depositions shortly.

is apparently planning to make his long-awaited debut on Twitter in the near future.