Hulk Hogan Helps Hurricane Victim, TNA Sale Extended, Styles vs. Daniels

Posted by Matt Boone November 26, 2012 11 Comments

- ShopTNA has decided to extend their Black Friday savings for the rest of the month. You can receive up to 80% off, visit for more information.

– Embedded below is the “Before The Bell” preview for the AJ Styles – Christopher Daniels match at TNA Final Resolution.

– is featuring an article on Hulk Hogan helping out a fan affected by Hurricane Sandy. The fan lost his wrestling collection, as well as memorabilia signed by Hogan. After the fan reached out, Hogan called him and agreed to replace his lost collection.

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    • Daniel

      You guys put this in the wrong section. Should be in TNA news not WWE news

      • 40 dawg

        Can I put my slide trombone in your brass section?

        • chris

          What does that have to do with this thread ? I have read your nonsense and it said your logical or smart. So for someone supposedly so logical or smart why are you acting like a little kid looking for someone to mess with ? Don’t you have anything better to do ? How about actually talking wrestling for once, since you are on a wrestling site.

          • 40 dawg

            How can nonsense be logical and smart? If that’s true, then may my nonsense be the smartest nonsense it can be!

            • chris

              See there you go trying to start something. You are the one that said your logical and or smart. I’m saying it’s all nonsense to me. Grow up and do something other than trying to start stuff on a wrestling site.

            • 40 dawg

              You answered again! Haha on you!

    • shane-o-mac

      Holy sh-t hogan actually did something for someone else without getting anything back in return (supposedly). I guess he needs positive press from what happened with the whole sex tape fiasco. And did I miss something, Did wwe buy tna or something ? Why is tna news on the wwe side ?

    • just an observation

      Hogan needs all the good publicity he can get. And it Seems this 40 dawg fellow is an antagonist with no life and when someone makes a mistake like misspells something he’s quick to point out the mistake. But when someone is actually logical he resorts to acting like a child. The world would be a better place without this person and people like them. And has anyone actually seen this person talk wrestling ? You shouldn’t bother responding because I’m not going to pay you anymore attention. I was just thinking out loud, gave my 2 cents and am going back to my life. I feel sorry for you.

      • 40 dawg

        It’s awfully generous of Hogan to have this sale, don’t you think? He’s an easy guy to criticize, but we should all give him props when he does something nice for a change.

    • Kage

      I think people have forgotten just how generous Hulk Hogan has been over the years.

      He has been involved with hundreds of Make-A-Wish children, and has also donated a lot to other charities. Not to mention that he has literally crippled his body entertaining people for 25 years.

      Of course, the smarmy fans of today only focus on the negatives of the man. Being thankful for what Hogan has done won’t kill you, y’know.

      • shane-o-mac

        It’s hard to be thankful to a person that has done all the rotten sh-t that he has done. Plus it’s not the fans fault hogan f-cked up his body like he has, a majority of wrestling fans didn’t want him wrestling anymore anyway. He was great 20-30 years ago. Nowadays he’s done to much bad sh-t to get my respect or sympathy.

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