Hulk Hogan Involved In Major Boating Accident This Weekend

Posted by Brad Davis September 15, 2013 2 Comments

TNA Impact Wrestling wrestler Hulk Hogan recently posted a series of tweets on his official Twitter account on Sunday evening, detailing a major boating accident that he was a part of. Hogan wrote:

How come everytime we go out on the boat someone ends up bleeding? HH

Today both me and Dr Crespo ended up covered in blood,the windshield on my boat exploded because of the wind and speed on the water,crazy HH

And it wasnt the go fast Scarab,it was my slower Searay, oh well time to sadle up again brother. HH

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    • Jerry Shutes

      i am still a wrestling fan but it aint what it used to be i grew up watching guys like jerry lawler,bill dundee hulk hogan and ric flair those were the days

    • Mark Markington

      This comes just after doctors claim Hogan can wrestle 2-3 more times. God bless you Hogan I hope you’re alright brother, but take it as a sign!

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