Hulk Hogan News: In-Ring Return Against Mr. Anderson?, Much More


— Hulk Hogan has been posting pictures on Twitter, showing off his back rehab process. Hogan has been working out a lot and it appears as if his back surgeries have been a success as he looks better than he has in quite some time.

— While there is no confirmation just yet, it is possible that Hogan will be returning to the ring later this year. TNA has been hinting at an Anderson vs. Hogan feud, and there are whisperings of a tag match involving Hogan and Sting on opposi

— Hogan was on the trending list on yesterday.

— Hogan has also been involved in the Bischoff-Hervey Productions project, Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. The show will air on TruTv, and while it was thought that Hogan would simply lend his name to the show, that has since changed. The show was initially supposed to be a reality TV project about the wrestlers, but Hogan was not happy with the quality of the product. The series has been changed and it now features Hogan’s attempts to improve and fix the product, including legitimately letting talents go. The new version is said to be very different, and much better than the original plan.

— Hogan’s involvement in the Micro Championship Wrestling company has garnered them some mainstream media attention.