Hulk Hogan No Longer Under Contract With TNA, AJ Styles Update

Posted by Michael Bluth October 2, 2013 12 Comments

- AJ Styles’ current TNA deal runs through December after recently signing a short-term contract extension.

- Hulk Hogan is officially a free agent, as his TNA contract expired yesterday. The two sides are currently negotiating, but we’ll see if TNA is able to offer him enough money.

Thursday’s Impact will feature Hulk Hogan’s response to Dixie Carter and whether he’s on “Team Dixie” or not.

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  • lol

    Well it’s about freaking time

  • hmw


  • Hollywood HOgan

    I’m holding out to get a contract for Nick, brother!

  • ;0

    Who gives a shit bout Hogan!

    • weedthepeople


  • Ecco

    2009: TNA is the company that is going to lead the way in the future. I guarantee that!
    2013: I got my WWE 2k14 deal, brother!

    Please. Just. Let. Hogan. Go. Everyone tweet Dixie to lock Hogan out of the Impact Zone.

  • weedthepeople

    He can leave America and move to the UK and take his egos with him.

  • bringhimhome

    quick wwe snap him up

    • yoyo

      For what? Get paid to stand in the middle of the ring?

  • pacoa

    but brother ? i thought he was gonna take it to a whole new level ??

  • nobody important.

    At this point, The only thing I could see WWE doing with Hogan is giving him another spot in Hall of Fame with the NWO.

  • George Flegel

    TNA should cut their losses and ditch Hogan immediately. It would only serve to benefit TNA as they started their downward slide when he and Bischoff came on board. I miss the old TNA, which had less BS and great matches.

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