Hulk Hogan On His Recent Talk With HHH, TNA Status, Appearing At WMXXX

Posted by Matt Boone October 12, 2013 18 Comments

The following are highlights from a recent AP interview with Hulk Hogan:

On his recent discussion with Triple H: “He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home, the door’s open.”

On the possibility of appearing at WrestleMania XXX: “My mind has been going crazy the last couple of weeks trying to figure out the best thing to do will be.”

On his current TNA status: “We couldn’t figure things out. We’re talking, but I’m wide open right now.”

On if he has one more match left in him: “Let me put it to you this way, brother: With the right guy, the right situation, with a big enough event, big enough storyline, you’re damn right I have one more left in me.”

Check out the complete interview online at

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    • troll

      and enough money
      which he obviously left out

    • Rockman Rex

      Cena vs Hogan or CM Punk vs. Hogan are the only real possible big draw for WM 30. HHH, Brock, Orton, Big Show. and Taker all had their shot with Hogan in the past. Everyone else on the roster wouldn’t be a realistic matchup to draw a good storyline/match with him, let alone would have to be creditably establish to considered to wrestle him WM 30.

      • Kage

        Punk vs. Hogan would be epic.

    • hmw


      • Chris Savage

        NO! NO! NO!

    • Big Bandjamon Bernstein

      How can I believe a word this guy ever says

    • Camp Cornette

      Hogan vs Heath Slater

      • Chris Savage

        let me tell you something brother im heath slater babaaaaaaaaaay….. hogan’s music hits

    • Bert Dawson

      undertaker vs Hogan

      • chris

        totally agree. hogan putting undertaker over again at wrestlemania 30 would be epic.

    • Brock Lesner

      I would love to see Hogan come back in any form in WWE. And WM XXX needs to be big cuz WWE kinda sucks ass lately. Fuck you, TNA…

    • Kurt Angle

      Hogan is garbage

    • charley ramirez

      No TNA can keep Hogan the WWE Universe doesnt want him.

    • Bulkster

      Oh man Hogan at Wrestlemania XXX, the event he helped launch, would be one for the ages. I’d start paying for ppv’s again. Make it happen for the Hulkamaniacs!!!

    • Stuart Moulding

      Hogan vs Funaki would be epic

    • Krillin

      I didn’t want you in TNA, why would I want you to come back to the WWE? On the one bright side, I’d rather have him come back than Ric Flair. Just saiyan…

    • LBlock18

      not this he’s coming back but Hogan vs Cena the buy rates would be high and I hate Cena and wish he would leave and never come back but that’s never going to happen………but he’s too banged up so I’d be more afraid for him to wrestle than anything might get hurt

    • Guest

      from hulk Holgan vs andre the giant but hulk Holgan vs Heath Slater

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