Hulk Hogan Says He Almost Joined Metallica, Speaks On Roode

During his promotional tour in the U.K., Hulk Hogan claimed that he almost joined an early version of Metallica and that he used to be good friends with drummer Lars Ulrich during his days as a session musician. We can’t make this up…

He said: “I used to be a session musician before I was a wrestler. I played bass guitar. I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn’t work out.”

Hulk also recently spoke about his recommendation that Bobby Roode not win the World Title at Bound For Glory, his comment that Roode wasn’t “the guy” and more. Hogan said that he didn’t think Roode had what was needed as a babyface and needed to go heel to get that extra edge.

“It was my opinion, and it was a simple gut feeling to do what was best for the company,” Hogan said. “I was sitting watching Roode’s parents saying what a great son he is and his wife saying what a great husband he is and his kids saying what a great dad he is. He’s the ultimate good guy. He’s going to win the belt! But, then what? Who does he wrestle? So, I sat back and thought, ‘You guys have just done one of the best old school wrestling angles I’ve ever seen.'”

He added, “[Turning Roode heel] give him that extra spice – then he’ll have everyone to work with, rather than throw him out there and set him up for failure.”

He noted that he expected to be vilified for the comments. “It was just me trying to take a step back, throwing in my two cents. They didn’t have to do it – I didn’t make anyone do anything. It just makes sense.”