Hulk Hogan Says The Time Is Right For John Cena To Turn Heel

Posted by Brad Davis April 4, 2014 7 Comments

WrestleMania XXX host Hulk Hogan spoke to this week and commented on the possibility of John Cena turning heel and questioned whether Daniel Bryan will able to be the face of WWE for years to come. Here are the highlights of what he said about:

John Cena Turning Heel: “He’s at the perfect time to pull a ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan on everybody. If he was to switch and take that hustle, loyalty, and respect and tell everybody how he was running game on everybody the whole time, he’d have another ten years wide open without even looking back,. So maybe in five years, it’s John Cena running the game on everybody.”

Questioning Daniel Bryan’s Longevity: “When I look around the roster, Daniel Bryan is on one hell of a roll right now, but he gets beat to death every night he goes out there. The big guys just go out and stomp on him. Can he handle that for five more years? I don’t know. It’s anybody’s game at this point.”

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    • Brandon

      Speculation like this ruins the element of surprise. At least with Hogan it was totally unexpected.

    • Bulkster

      Hogan is on fire with his wisdom. Cena should’ve turned heel twice by now.

    • George Flegel

      Hogan has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the wrestling business though I think he is wrong when it comes to Bryan. Bryan is a major talent and has 100 times the ring talent that Hogan has or ever had. With the WWE behind him, Bryan can go as far as they want him to. After all, Hogan was an icon based on his ring presence not his wrestling ability. He was also shoved down our throats too and made invincible against significantly more impressive talents like the Iron Sheik, Paul Orndorff, King Kong Bundy, Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage, just to name a few. I don’t think it would have killed Hulkamania if he dropped the belt to those guys at least once and regained it. Flair dropped the NWA Title several times and cemented his legacy by constantly regaining it. Bryan will be great like Hogan and even greater, if he’s allowed to be.

    • Lucas Tupper

      Who’s are you gonna listen to Cena. The Immortal Hulk Hogan/Hollywood Hogan or the snotnose 5 year old brats you cater to everyday?

    • Canuck 703

      It will be priceless to see all those little shits crying !!! The little brats would probably have to stay home form school the next day cause they were so devastated !!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says, “Stop the presses, the Chumpster has a great idea.” After all those years of bleaching his crome dome, Chump Hogan’s last brain cell came up with something brilliant.
      It’s been a long time coming for Cena to turn heel. Everyone is tired of Super Cena. Have Bray Wyatt beat the crap out of him at WM XXX & then take him hostage & brainwash Cena into their way of thinking. Have this storyline at least 6 months or better to sell it. Not the 2 week crap they did with Daniel Bryan. Cena would finally get some respect from the real wrestling fans.

    • WWEwtf

      Hogan is actually right. Cena good guy wannabe ghetto gimmick has ran its course. I dont have an issue with Cena the human being but I am just bored by the same played out gimmick. Its been about 10 years of the same superman wannabe ghetto gimmick with the unfunny cutdowns and comebacks. Cena no sales finishers and moves more and more. Yes Cena is the new Hogan but atleast Hogan understood that a change was eventually needed. Nobody expected Hogan to turn heel and a lot of self appointed wrestling experts believed it would hurt his character and ruin his fanbase but it actually made him more popular. A good unexpected Cena heel turn would actually make him more popular than he could ever be with the current gimmick. The anti Cena fans who want him to turn heel would follow him and the kiddies and wannabes would still follow him and buy his merch. If the heel angle is written just right and booked right then it has the potential to be one of the best turns ever. I think Cena could pull off a good heel turn and later down the road he could return to being a face.

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