Hulk Hogan Speaks On His Relationship With Ultimate Warrior, RAW Return & More

Posted by Matt Boone March 1, 2014 8 Comments

The following are highlights of a recent interview with Hulk Hogan:

On his RAW return and if he still gets nervous: “Oh yeah, there were nerves. Even the night before, I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning. I’m thinking, “How are these fans going to welcome me back?” But when I came out right at the top of the show and they saw me, it was almost like I had walked behind a 747 jet. The only way I can explain it to you is it was this energy and it was so loud it was like, “Woah!” It made me take a step back for a minute. I was like ‘Okay. Yeah, this works.'”

On how he was received by the wrestlers in the locker room: “You always hope for the best, but that thought of, “Who’s this new guy coming in?” will pass through your mind. A lot of these new Superstars weren’t born when I wrestled Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium, so, you never know. But it couldn’t have been a better welcome. I mean it was nothing but love. When you shook someone’s hand, they looked you right in the eye and they were serious. One Diva said, “Oh man. I’m a huge fan of yours. You’re the biggest Superstar ever!” I said, “Man, that’s cool. Thank you.” So it was really neat coming from a bunch of very good people.”

On how his WWE return came about: “Over the last couple years, there’ll be texts between Vince and I. “Happy birthday brother!” on August 24th, his birthday. Christmas, Thanksgiving. We’ll touch base like that. And then I guess the word got out that I was jobless. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was thinking of going back to playing music or something. On a Tuesday, I was officially out of work. And Friday morning I was drinking my coffee and I hear my cell phone. And it was Triple H. “Hey brother, just checking on you.” I’m like, “Hey, dude, I’m just contemplating my navel here. I’m officially out of work, I’m unemployed.” And that started us talking. In my heart, I was hoping to come back here. I was hoping to put the period on the end of the sentence and it was the logical extension. It just made so much sense to come back.”

On his relationship with The Ultimate Warrior: “I don’t know. Triple H was giving me the broad strokes of The Ultimate Warrior and his concerns with Hulk Hogan. I said, “Triple H, I’m easy, brother. After everything I’ve been through, and everything I’ve learned, for me, it’s about this moment forward.” I said, “I understand that there might be a little situation, but you don’t have to worry about me.” I would love to shake his hand, look him in the eye and say, “Brother, nothing but love for you. Whatever I did, I apologize for it. I don’t even need for you to apologize if there was anything on your end. Whatever it is, brother, nothing but love for you, let’s do business.” And if we could be friends? Even better, because he’s a good guy.”

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    • Muzlimboy

      Great responses by Hogan. Interested to see how Warrior will react to him. Hope theirs no confrontation but Warriors comments were passionate.

    • yoyo

      I hope Warrior and Hogan can bury the hatchet and promote WWE together. For those not keeping track, Hogan buried Savage about how possessive he was with his wife Elizabeth. Shortly after, Savaged passed, and suddenly Hogan was pretending like they were best friends. Warrior took offense and drama followed.

    • Bulkster

      Hulk Hogan is such an inspiration. Even at 60. Ladies and gentleman, you can’t buy class. You have to learn it. Thanks to Hulk for showing us how its done.

      • The Truth

        He certainly is an inspiration. Let’s look at some of the facts:

        – took steroids and lied about where he got them from under oath to protect Vince
        – claimed to be a role model for children while he was doing drugs, including cocaine as well as steroids
        – made several forgettable movies in which he couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag
        – made a sex tape and was dumb enough to get caught
        – failed as a parent with regards to his son, who spent time in jail
        – said that he understood OJ Simpson’s motive to murder his wife after his own divorce
        – almost never put anyone over except himself for his entire career
        – didn’t know when to leave the spotlight and will likely be remembered for the old, pathetic piece of garbage he is now rather than who he was in the 80’s and early 90’s

        Wow, that sure is inspirational. However there are a certain selection of people such as yourself who would probably savour every whiff if he farted in your face.

        • edmalik

          hahaha that was really funny, but my friend, that’s the whole truth and actually, it was Hogan who said something like “In this business if you are doing friends you aren’t doing money”? or something like that!

        • Bulkster

          Whats wrong, is Mrs Lovesponge your mom?

          • The Truth

            All this post tells me is that you can’t prove me wrong. Just for the record I never said Hulk can’t be your hero. You can worship this ex druggie cripple piece of garbage all you want!

    • Dan Pedreyra

      I dont know thats a slippery slope of heat right there.

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