Hulk Hogan Talks CM Punk Situation, Doing A Reality Show On WWE Network

Posted by Matt Boone April 3, 2014 8 Comments

The following are highlights of a Red Eye Chicago interview with WWE Hall Of Famer and WrestleMania XXX host Hulk Hogan:

On the possibility of a new Hulk Hogan-based reality show on the WWE Network: “I would love to do a reality show for the network, brother. I would never bring cameras into my home again, but I have a place in Tampa [Fla.] called Hogan’s Beach. It’s kind of a restaurant and bar setting where it’s on the beach. It’s a huge party place and on the weekends I have 3,000 to 4,000 people coming in, along with these great DJs to host a great time. I would love to have some WWE superstars come down and tend bar or cook. It’s like a “Baywatch” meets “Cheers” sort of thing.”

On possibly doing more movie work: “You know what is so cool, man? I am way beyond of what The Rock is doing now. I would be much more of a great supporting actor because I’m not that type directors are looking for as the lead man. We all know how great of a bad guy Hollywood Hogan can be, so forming into an older Clint Eastwood would be awesome. I would like to be a serial killer or going above the law and doing things that might be illegal, but for the right reasons.”

On the CM Punk situation: “I don’t know why he quit and what the situation was about, but I was really looking forward to meeting the man and getting to know him. As far as me, I have a personal opinion on it and I would love for him to come back. If he needs time off whether it was business or personal, it’s none of my business. Whatever it was, he was such a great superstar and I would love for him to come back.”

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    • JustSpeakingMyMind

      i know hes a legend but i just dont care about Hulk at all…. (imo)

      • Bulkster

        He’s a legend, the reason there is a Wrestlemania, and the greatest wrestler of all time. You need to slap yourself.

        • yoyo

          Legend? Yes. Greatest wrestler? No. There is a long list of wrestlers and matches Hogan buried to keep himself at the top.

          • Spencer Elliott

            Hmm, it really depends on what your deffinition is.

            He’s entertained the hell out of me, and I am more likely to tune into watch him than most other wrestlers.
            There’s only about 6 wrestlers alive that I’d make a point of not missing, and he’s one of them.

    • Bulkster

      Hulk is still the freaking man. He doesn’t need to sully himself with the likes of Phil Brooks. But still, a very professional answer. Hulk Rules!

      • bulkster on top of hogan

        bulkster has a boner for the hulk. Hulk Hogan is overated guess what main event of next year mania will Hogan vs cena the sh*tty match ever

      • The Truth

        If Hulk Hogan farted in your face, I bet you would savour every whiff.

    • IWC sucks

      again, asking about CM Punk. enough already, just let it go. give the man some peace for now. and btw, hulk’s awesome.

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