Hulk Hogan Talks WWE Contract Length, Wanting To Wrestle Cena At WM31

Posted by Brad Davis August 23, 2014 11 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan spoke to Brian Fritz of the Orlando Sentinel during SummerSlam weekend and revealed that he signed a 3-year deal with WWE back in January. Hogan admits that WWE could have used him more so far this year, but he believes Vince McMahon has a vision of how to use him long-term.

“I think they want to keep mystique and keep me more valuable than me standing there with the microphone and saying the same crap every week and it basically meaning nothing. I think they’ve got a plan and that’s what I’m praying for.”

Hogan said his in-ring work at the end of his WCW was “embarrassing” and called his one match in TNA a “nightmare.”

“The thing is, I watch the old tapes of myself, WCW, and it’s embarrassing because towards the end I was getting to where it was embarrassing to kind of like be in there and then I watch the TNA stuff and that was a nightmare,” Hogan said.

“I tried to get in there. I was in the middle of the back surgeries trying to keep up. The doctors would say, ‘You’ll be fine,’ but to watch it now is embarrassing.”

Hogan doesn’t want his TNA match to be the last thing fans remember about his in-ring career and is pushing hard for a grand retirement match in WWE. He feels that he’s healthy enough to compete, but he’ll have to convince Vince McMahon and Triple H.

“Not that Vince would want this, not that Triple H would want this but I keep telling everybody that my goal, because I’m not in pain anymore, that my goal would be to get back in there, not embarrass myself if that’s possible and have that one more match. And if that works, if that really were to work I would love to contribute and participate and do some stuff because I miss it so much,” Hogan said.

He added that he wants to face John Cena at WrestleMania 31 next year, but “if that’s unrealistic, I get it.”

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    • Josh

      Dude, Hogan is being Hogan here. The real buzz is that Sting wants his one match at WM. That seems to be what everyone wants. Hogan should give Sting his WM spotlight instead of trying to make his own.

      • Hector Naranjo

        Couldnt agree with you more

      • Josh

        I get erections at unpredictable times.

    • Matt Rayfield

      The difference between Sting and Hogan is that Sting is healthier then Hogan and still has at least 1 or 2 more matches left in him. Hogan on the other hand may say he is healthy, but his gritting in pain during his time on TV in TNA would say otherwise. One more very costly injury and Hogan will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. With Sting, He only wants 1 more match before he does something else with WWE. Because his contract would be for 1 year at the most. Because that is all his contracts in TNA were was 1 year deals. If Triple H and Vince are willing to offer Sting big money to stay around, I doubt he would decline it.

      • Koolaid

        Sting has more than 1 or 2 matches and he has already shown that in TNA, I would understand if he hasn’t been wrestling a lot or his last run was years ago but his run with TNA ended like months ago.

        • Matt Rayfield

          While that might be true, Sting can still do an undertaker type of deal if he so wished to, But with Hogan things are quite different. One more major injury to Hogan and he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. It has already been stated a bunch of times with Hogan in that reguard.

    • Harms Way

      Possible matches:

      (Sting vs Taker)
      (Hogan vs Cena)
      (Lesnar vs Reigns) [WWE World Heavyweight Championship]

      First 2 matches are what the fans want to see. If I were in charge, this is the way you get subscribers for the network. I just hope that if Reigns beats Lesnar for the title, they have Seth Rollins cash in, become champion, and boom, you got the modern version of Cena (Reigns) vs. CM Punk (Rollins).

      • Plissken

        I think the “Lesnar VS Reigns” won’t be at the next Mania. Reigns is not already the top superstar that could save WWE from this Monster. Reigns will have a victory at Mania… why not against Bray Wyatt or another rising star.

        If that could be possible, I would say “Lesnar VS Rock” but I don’t think that will happen. If Bryan is healed, why not a “Lesnar VS Daniel Bryan” ? The match “Lesnar VS Punk” was quite good and using a Monster against a Middleweight could give something interesting.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          They already did that….. at last year’s summer slam….. and it was awesome. World love to see that again.

    • madeumad

      John Cena !!!!! Hulk Hogan He should face Triple HHH for control of WWE. Sting, Chris Jericho and Bray Watt should be in a 4 way fatal with The Undertaker

    • Katherine

      Seeing sting wrestle would be great.

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