Hulk Hogan Touts Grand Opening of Hogan’s Beach

Posted by Matt Boone January 2, 2013 1 Comment

Hulk Hogan wrote about the success of the opening day of “Hogan’s Beach” on Twitter. Here are a few comments.

I want yo thank the thousands of MANIACS that came to HOGANS BEACH for New Years Eve,now I know what to expect,we are on it and are going

To keep working hard to make it the hottest,most fun,craziest hot spot in the Tampa Bay Area,thank u for coming out,lets keep it rockin all

Through 2013,let the games begin at HOGANS BEACH,I can’t wait to pull my lawn chair out with my banana hammock on and get my tan lets rockHH

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    • Spencer Elliott

      There were more tweets than that. How many tweets did he post that day about TNA boot camp airing in the UK, while the rest of the locker room all promoted it?

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