Hulk Hogan Undergoing Yet Another Back Surgery

Posted by Brad Davis July 13, 2012 16 Comments

TNA ran an angle at the conclusion of Thursday’s Impact Wrestling where the masked group of attackers known as “Aces & Eights” took out Hulk Hogan.

According to, the reason behind the attack is that Hulk Hogan will be undergoing another back surgery in the coming weeks. Hogan has had upwards of 10 back surgeries in recent years to remove bone spurs and alleviate chronic pain.

Just this week, there was talk of Hogan wrestling at Bound For Glory in October, teaming up with Sting in a “special attraction” match against Aces and Eights. After his latest back surgery, it remains to be seen if Hogan will be physically able to ever “wrestle” again.

Here’s a video clip of the Hogan attack angle from Impact:

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    • 40 dawg

      Number one after all the surgeries hogan has had he shouldn’t want to get back in the ring. And number two noone wants to see him wrestle let alone be associated with any wrestling promotion. But if he does wrestle at bfg hopefully he gets a major injury so we never see him in the ring again. And it’s funny that his ego thinks he’s still a top draw and people wanna actually see him.

    • TexansFanatic

      I’m sorry, I was a Hulkamaniac when I was younger but WHEN was Hogan ever a wrestler? I knew he was a performer but I never seen him put on a 5 star match!!! If he did, the other guy was carrying the match. Their are only 2 guys in TNA that I wish Vince would have signed: Austin Aries & Samoa Joe.

      • Sarcosmos

        what about garret bischoff… wwe totally have to sign him!!!

        • McC

          Yeah Poor Devon, he went from one of the best tag teams ever to having to carry garrett around on his shoulders

    • Mercury

      Hogan please just retire. If you wrestle one more match it probably will put you in a wheel chair or you will be dead. So hogan choose your poison?. Wrestle more and risk being in a wheel chair as your back will just give up. or retire and actually try and spend the rest of your life spending your money that you have earned.

      • Lucas Chapel

        Am I the only one that would rather see Hogan in a poor match than not wrestle at all?

    • Jackie Priest

      And he actually wants to get in the ring again for another match? Well I guess calling it a “special attraction” would be more correct than calling it an actual match. Yeah I’m sure people are going to love paying for this.

    • Ice

      Come on i was a major Hulk fan in the 80s with Hulkamania, and in the 90s with the NWO being a Hollywood Hogan fan, and seeing that brief run he had when he return to WWE back in No Way Out 2002 but damn enough is enough….Your time is up and gone! You should be chilling at home and enjoying retirement and showing your grandchildren your boots and wrestling attire, and the old photos and videos of how you used to look and fight….but not where your grandchildren can just click on the tv and see you still in the present trying to wrestle or even in a wrestling promotion on a weekly or monthly basis.

      • 123

        seriously what are you talking about? you sound dumb! he does not have any grandchildren you dumbass!

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Did no one else see him trying to rub Brooke’s butt? Seriously this guy has issues. Thank god she was there to fight off the 3 GIANT guys that took him out. Jesus TNA…get this crap off tv.

      • Wrasslin Fan

        Now there this video of Him and Bubba The Howard Stern Cocksucking Buddies “ex-wife” in a sex video together ?!? OMG…I personally would rather see Chyna’s porno’s than watch this putrid crap or Hulkster trying to get his steroid-tainted wee-wee hard !!! And this is The Guy that Dixie Carter and TNA want to represent there company ?? LMFAO and SMH…What a load !!! (No Pun Intended)

    • Jj Vaness

      Hogan, feel better. You’re still a legend.

    • TexansFanatic

      TNA’s demise will be due to Hulk Hogan’s unwillingness to be the main star. I mean he didn’t want to lose to Shawn Michaels after Shawn had the most grueling schedule a WWF champ had and was forced to retire due to the schedule. I know that Shawn’s career ended the 1st time back in 98 and came back in 02 but a back injury is still an injury that will haunt you years later. Hogan has had SEVERAL surgeries and should actually listen to dr’s orders to NOT wrestle any longer. Hogan, you were the man for YEARS, No one can take that from you but when you continue to wrestle and not at a top level(although you weren’t ever technical) you are diminishing your legacy.

      • Wrasslin Fan

        Same w/ Ric Flair !!! He can’t get it through his head that he is washed up !!! Then again , He is tight w/ other primmadonna’s such as “VKM bitch HHH”…another asshole who uses people to get over !!! I could see if Hogan would reinvent himself someway or whatnot , But HE IS JUST THE SAME POS “HAND-TO-EAR” , AND 3 to 4 MOVE MORON HE’S BEEN SINCE THE EARLY 80’S…BROTHER” !!! I, IMHO believe HBK paid for VKM’s sin’s against Bret Hart/Montreal Screwjob when he was rendered incapable of wrestling for that span of time from 98-02 !!! Coincidence…or Karma ?!?

    • Wrasslin Fan

      Then their was that time on Impact when Hogan was running around carrying his “back brace” which one would imagine “he should have been wearing” ?!? WTF…Then You have all these operations he underwent for whatever ?!? Face it , The man is a joke , his life as of recent is a joke , too !!! All he and his kind (Kevin Nash , Eric Bischoff , et al) are out for is money , and nothing besides !!! And Dixie and Sting enable his crotchety old feeble “my time is LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG gone” ass to keep coming back to the ring and steal the limelight from younger people on the roster…sickening and pathetic !!! Look how many wrestlers on it have quit in the past two/three months !!!

    • Wrasslin Fan

      Funny , people @ TNA Impact and ppv’s seem to want to see Hogan !!! I mean , I am sure the dude is a great draw w/ kids , but He is not the same draw He was when I was growing up !!! I never really cared for him as a wrestler , I aways was into the villians like Piper , Ultimate Warrior , Savage , et al !!! Flair is tainting his legacy also , but He was atleast a wrestler , not just a worker , or what not !!! Both Flair and Hogan have been tainting their legacies since WCW and continue to do so , cause they can’t seem to find anything else to venture into !!! And this crap w/ pushing Garrett and having Brooke as an on-screen presence in bullshit also…esp. since Brooke offers NOTHING to The KO Division !!! Hell , Karen Jarrett did more for them then she has or will for that matter !!! WWE is tighter w/ their presentations and putting on shows , but they are lacking big time w/all this PG crap !!! Another bunch that is out for money anymore , and politics rules PW in a whole , hence that is where the industry seems to be going – IN A HOLE !!!

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