Hulk Hogan Wants Randy Savage In TNA, Takes Shot At WWE

— Hulk Hogan is going a good job of keeping his name relevant on Twitter these days. Here’s the latest from him:

– Good morning real WRESTLING people,LOCKDOWM is going to be intense Sunday in Cinncinati ,this is not for the pg faint of heart. HH

-About bringing Randy Savage to TNA, “man I wish we could get his butt off the couch he would add so much to the creative. HH

— TNA will be doing iMPACT tapings on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week at the Impact Zone.

— Here are tonight’s confirmed TNA iMPACT matches:

* Orlando Jordan vs. Douglas Williams vs. Jesse Neal vs. Crimson
* Matt Hardy vs. Kazarian
* Jeff Jarrett. Hernandez & Pope Dinero vs. Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle
* Abyss vs. James Storm
* Ken Anderson Runs The Immortal Gauntlet