Hulk Hogan’s Ex Wife Busted for DUI

Posted by Matt Boone October 6, 2012 3 Comments

Linda Hogan Mug Shot

Hulk Hogan’s ex wife Linda was arrested yesterday in Malibu, California and charged with DUI. Linda was arrested at 1:34 AM after being pulled over for speeding.

According to Linda’s attorney, Linda been drinking champagne at a “jewelry function” in Los Angeles on an empty stomach, which was exacerbated by medication she was using. Linda’s blood alcohol level was 0.84.

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    • First

      She would dead if her Blood Alcohol level was .84, you must mean .084

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        No, it was .84. But she’s an old fat drunk who’s never worked a day in her life so for her .84 is considered “slightly buzzed”

    • billie pence

      i don’t feel sorry for her she knew what she was doing she is not a kid so what ever they do is fair if you take medication you know not to drink she could have ended up in a car wreck

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