Hulk Hogan’s New Concept For TNA Revealed

Hulk Hogan recently told the New York Post that he has a “new concept” that will “change the business” and be a “momentum shifting” idea. Hogan is so confident that the idea will work that he told the Post:

“We are going to give more power to the fans, make them more involved and more important. I can’t say much more, but I can say this, I’m either going to be really right on this one or really wrong. If I’m wrong, you probably won’t see me again because I’ll be hightailing it out of here.”

Now, word has gotten out about what the concept is – and we’re left wondering whether Hogan’s days in TNA could be numbered.

At Monday’s Impact Wrestling tapings, the word going around the TNA locker room is that the new concept is something where TNA will be calling on their fans to film TNA wrestlers whenever they may encounter them, in or out of the ring, TMZ/paparazzi-style.

Sources in TNA say talent is not thrilled with the idea, with people joking about Hogan encouraging “candid footage” of TNA stars – considering how badly his own image has been hurt by TMZ coverage (his divorce, Nick Hogan’s car wreck, his sex tape, etc.).