Identies & Promo Video For Los Matadores, Big Show & Henry Teaming, More

Posted by Michael Bluth August 20, 2013 3 Comments

- Actor Dennis Haskins (“Mr. Belding” from Saved by The Bell) was ringside at last night’s WWE RAW from Anaheim, California.

- Big Show confirmed on RAW that he and Mark Henry will in fact be teaming together soon and plan on going after The Shield’s WWE Tag Team championships.

- On Monday’s RAW, WWE aired the first promo for a new Mexican tag team, Los Matadores. The masked tag team will be portrayed by Primo and Epico, who are being re-packaged with the matador gimmick.

Here’s the video promo that aired on RAW hyping their upcoming debut:

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny has to comment the WWE for recycling, they’re doing their part. But recycling gimmicks?
    Older fans will remember Tito Santana as El Matador in 1991-93. Now, Primo & Epico are being recycled into this gimmick.
    Vince, quit living in the past.

  • Some_Random_Guy

    Tito Santana called, he wants his matador suits back!

  • HelloBrooklyn93

    they got puerto ricans actng like mexicans as a gimmick -.-

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