Impact Rating Rises, AJ Styles Explains His Actions, Silva Misses Impact

Posted by Matt Boone May 26, 2013 3 Comments

- TNA cameras caught up with AJ Styles following his attack on Aces & Eights on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode:

– Alex Silva was merely referenced on Thursday’s Impact broadcast because he was unable to arrive to the arena on time. Silva reportedly ran into some travel delays and was unable to appear in time to film his appearance.

– Thursday’s live episode of Impact scored a 1.07 cable TV rating and averaged 1.379 million viewers. Viewers were up 31% from last week’s taped episode, which scored a 0.84 rating and averaged 1.05 million viewers. This was Impact’s highest rated since the April 4th episode, which drew a 1.11 rating.

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    • jl

      thats still low rating, doesnt look good for tna…

      • Derp.

        You gotta remember that TNA has been around for quite awhile and they started from absolutely nothing. Vince already had a previous company and he pretty much polished it up and put a new spin on it with a new name, he didn’t start from nothing, he just took over a large chunk of what his father already created and ran with it. That isn’t to knock down Vince, but when you compare the two companies, yeah it does sound like TNA is nothing. But when you look at it over a timeline, TNA has come a long way. They offer something new and fresh than the WWE, everyone knows that a large portion of the WWE has just gotten stale the last couple of years. Dixie isn’t afraid to take risks. I love both companies but I respect TNA’s ratings because I know they’ve come a long way, there’s no denying that. They could still use a fair bit of work, but at the same time so does the WWE. They both have their own positive’s and negative’s, comparing the two doesn’t make much sense.

    • hmw

      tna is nothing

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