Impact Redemption PPV Report 4/22/18

The show opens with a video showing Impact wrestlers discussing what remption means and how far they’re willing to go to achieve it. It also includes the Sami Callihan bat spot with Eddie Edwards. The hype video focuses mostly on the Aries/Fenix/Pentagon Jr. match.

Josh Matthews with Don Callis on commentary welcomes everyone to the show discussing the motto is, “Harder, Faster, Stronger.”

Drago vs. Aerostar

First match is Drago vs. Aerostar with Lucha Underground called Impact’s “partner.” Matthews also plugs the debut of Season 4 of Lucha Underground. Callis takes a shot at “Stanford” saying Matthews never had a star next to him on commetnary.

Callis pumped Aerostar’s “La Bombita” finisher.

The two tie up, then Drago puts Aerostar in a backhold. Both separate, then go for a test of strength. Drago nails Aerostar’s knee instead of doing the test of strength. Aerostar does a twisting corkscerw off the top rope, then a head scissors by Aerostar. He then nails a delayed plancha onto the floor and the fans chant, “Lucha” in response.

Back in the ring, Drago nails a superkick, knocking Aerostar to the mat but doesn’t go for a cover. Aerostar is eventually knocked out of the ring and Drago nails a twisting tope con hilo/suicide drive. He throws Aerostar into the ring and gets a two. Drago nails Aerostar with a kick to the head whilst Matthews and Callis joke about Aerostar’s lite up mask. Aerostar nails a rather impressive “La Bombita” onto the outside which the cameras almost missed.

Aerostar gets a two, then the two exchange pin attempts. A double clothesline knocks the two to the ground. Callis points out the two have been tag team partners before in AAA. Callis/Matthews plug the Global Wrestling Network while Drago hits an hangman DDT and gets a long two count.

Areostar nails another suicide drive and the crowd chants, “Ole ole ole. Lucha. Lucha.” He throws Drago into the ring but only gets a two count. Aerostar misses a run into the corner, then Drago gets a two count.

Drago gets a very long two count with Callis saying Drago wrestles a lot like Ultimo Dragon. Drago nails a powerbomb, picks Aerostar back up, and has the powerbomb blocked. Aerostar nails a rolling cutter, but botches a springboard, gets tossed onto the apron, hits a kick, then a springboard codebreaker for the three count.

Winner: Aerostar!

Callis and Matthews discuss whether Aerostar tweaked his knee during the match.

Callis predicts LAX will retain the tag titles.

There’s also a vignette where Matthews talks to Matt Sydal and says it’s time for Sydal to do things alone. Matthews did originally ask for his jacket back, but says he was joking. They leave with, “Namaste.”

Then they go into an in-depth look into the tag match between LAX vs. Eli Drake and Scott Steiner. It includes Ortiz and Santana playing dominos before they get a call from King saying Konnan had “been taken” but they didn’t know by who. No word on who King is or what happened to Konnan.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: LAX (c) vs. Eli Drake and Scott Steiner

The challengers are out first with Drake carrying both briefcases from the Feast of Fired match. Matthews notes one contract is for the tag belts while the second is for a future World Title shot. Steiner comes out with Matthews noting Steiner’s resume of champions and Matthews saying he’s “the most unpredictable” guy out there.

LAX comes out next from their entrance and Steiner steals one of the Puerto Rican flags. Callis questions whether Santana and Ortiz should be in the match, but says it’s smart because it involves their street cred. Oritez tries to hit LAX with one of his briefcases, but the ref is able to separate. Steiner mouths off to the crowd while he’s serenaded with a not so TV-14 chant.

Crowd is solidly behind LAX and Callis wonders why they’re “chanting for hoodlums.”

Drake talks smack to Santana who nails him in the side of the head in the corner. Santana tags out to Ortiz, but Drake fights them off. LAX nails several tandem moves, then gets a cover for a two. Drake nails a knee to the stomach and tags in Steiner. Ortiz nails a European uppercut but gets knocked to the outside. Drake starts beating Ortiz and slams him into the side of the ring while Steiner distracts the ref.

Steiner picks up Ortiz and nails a belly to belly suplex for a one count, but lifts him up. Callis says he’s playing into Santana’s hot headedness. Ortiz gets knocked into the outside, then Steiner hits power moves on both Santana and Ortiz. He and Drake hit double elbows and Drake (who tagged in) gets a two. Callis says Konnan is like a father to Santana and Ortiz while Matthews says they’ll update his condition when they get more information. They also suggest the “street lifestyle” may have caused issues.

Santana nails both Drake and Steiner, then hits a rolling cutter on Drake. Santana tries to get a cover but Steiner breaks up the cover. Santana gets crotched on the top rope and Steiner nails a Frankensteiner from the top rope. Callis says it’s the first time he’s done that from the top rope in five years.

Steiner locks Santana in the Steiner Recliner, but Oritz breaks it up. Drake, who was tagged in at some point, tries to superplex Santana from the top rope, but Ortiz blocks. Santana goes after Steiner while Drake names the Gravy Train on Ortiz and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW tag champs: Drake and Steiner.

Callis suggests Santana went after Steiner instead of the finish because Konnan wasn’t there.

Pentagon Jr. cuts a promo in Spanish in the back.

Taiji Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Brian Cage vs. DJZ vs. Trevor Lee.

Matthews suggests Lee is the strongest man on the roster, while Callis says he’s the strongest in the X-Division. Xavier is praised for winning the Super X Cup. Ishimori is called one of the most thrilling competitors on the roster. Matthews asks if the people who do Ishimori’s theme can come play at Impact. Callis, “Why are you asking me?” Heh.

El Hijo del Fantasma comes out the AAA Latin American Championship. DJZ comes out and Matthews says we’ll find out what happened on Impact this Thursday about his Mexico trip which left him with a ruptured colon. Callis also says he saw Chris Jericho yesterday. Brian Cage comes out and they discuss how he took out EC3 and Lashley.

Two people will be in the match at all times and is being done under lucha rules, which means if someone gets thrown to the outside someone else can go into the ring.

DJZ and Xavier start the match. The two do chain wrestling to start the match. The two exchange jumps, then hits a dropkick on DJZ.

DJZ nails Ishimori on the outside and Lee enters the ring. He plays to the crowd and Xavier sends him out. Fantasma comes in and gets tossed twice to the apron, and DJZ tags in. Xavier is knocked out, Fantasma knocks DJZ out comes in and Ishimori comes in to face Fantasma.

Crowd chants for Cage as Ishimori gets knocked out. Lee comes in, hits Fantasma outs, gets a cover on DJZ. He gets a small cradle on Lee but only a two. Lee does a back suplex on DJZ but only a two. Lee hits Cage, then Xavier trying to keep DJZ from tagging out.

Cage finally tags in and destroys Lee with wraparound clotheslines. Cage destroys Xavier and Fantasma with a german suplex. Isimori is caught and hit with a springboard moonsault for a two count. Matthews suggests there might be a problem with the top left turnbuckles because both Cage and Aerostar have missed moves from there.

DJZ hits a great flying DDT to the outside while Xavier and Fantasma are the legal men. Ishimori nails DJZ but DJZ kicks out. Cage cleans house. Fantasma and Ishimori are working together but Cage gets both and throws them. Cage hits a knee to Lee but a reversed crossbody by Lee who gets a two. Xavier tags in and does a handspring kick but Lee escapes.

Fantasma hits the Arrow from the Depths of Hell on Xavier, then a driver, but the pin is broken up. DJZ hits a top rope hurricanrana but it’s broken up by Lee. They’re all hitting big moves but Cage gets control and destroys everyone, covers Xavier for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

Allie discusses what redemption means to her and promises she’s not a paper champion. She’ll face Su Yung later tonight. Braxton Sutter will be a ringside and Allie says Braxton cares about Braxton but she’s going to be fighting for herself.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan

Valkyrie is called Lucha Royalty as she comes out. Hogan comes out next. The match is being billed as Fire vs. Ice. Matthews talks how this is Hogan’s first PPV match and they discuss whether it’s going to play into the match.

Valkyrie pats Hogan on the head and shoves Hogan down. Hogan hits a rana from the corner, then knocks Valkyrie out of the ring.

Tessa Blanchard joins Matthews and Callis on commentary and says she will be seen on Thursdays. The match basically becomes an interview between Matthews, Callis, and Blanchard while Valkyrie takes control of Hogan.

Hogan hits Valkyrie, gets caught, and slams Hogan to the mat for a two count. Blanchard talks about her legacy in wrestling and criticizes Valkyrie for calling herself “Lucha Royalty.” Valkyrie nails Hogan with a kick but gets only a two. Hogan and Valkyrie trade shots but Valkyrie hits Hogan with a slam and sells an injury. Hogan gets a cover on Valkyrie but only a two.

Blanchard says she’s going after the Impact Knockouts Championship and says she’s earned it. Hogan gets another two count while Blanchard and Matthews argue. Valkyrie hits a side suplex but only a two. Valkyrie eventually hits Road to Valhalla and pins Hogan.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Callis suggests Blanchard was scouting Valkyrie/Hogan for the future.

X-Division champion Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams

Williams comes out to a version of “Oh, Canada” with Sydal coming out next. Callis talks about the importance of the Canadian Destroyer and Matthews promotes the new title bets for Impact.

Sydal and Williams lock up, then end up on the match. Sydal works on Williams’ left knee, then locks in a variant of the Muta Lock. Williams hits Sydal in the nose and gets a quick cover but a kick out. Williams hits a headscissors and Matthews promotes the fact it’s been over ten years since he was last X-Division Champion. Sydal gets a two and Callis points out Williams sometimes telegraphs the Canadian Destroyer and goes to the well too often. They also promoted Sydal’s ability to hit the Shooting Star Press.

Impact is also doing a tour of Canada in the future which Matthews and Callis promote.

Sydal hits a hard kick to the chest and gets a two. He’s also focusing on Williams’ legs and locks in another submission. Williams gets out, but Sydal gets a pair of covers but only for two. Williams hits a Codebreaker on Sydal but is only able to get a two. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but ends up hitting a TKO-style move. Callis and Matthews discuss him telepgraphing moves.

Sydal nails Williams twice and goes up top for the Shooting Star Press but Williams moves, locks in a Sharpshooter. Sydal gets to the bottom rope. Williams hits a slingshot Codebreaker on the ring apron and they fall outside the ring. Both men back in the ring and Sydal nails a knee, then a rana from the top rope.

Sydal climbs for the Shooting Star Press but Williams gets up his knees, hits the Canadian Destroyer, and Sydal rolls out. Williams sells his knee while the ref starts counting. He gets Sydal in the ring goes up top for a Super Canadian Destroyer but Sydal counters, tries for Shooting Star Press but misses, counters a move to land Williams on his head, and gets the pin.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Matt Sydal

House of Hardcore match coming up next and Moose, Eddie Edwards, and Tommy Dreamer promise to beat OVE. Dreamer quotes MLK and talks about everyone standing together and be united.

Video of OVE airs with Sami Callihan talking about the new Impact. They show the bat spot again from multiple angles with Callihan saying he doesn’t feel bad at all. Edwards claims Callihan is trying to screw up his life, but Callihan says he’s going to take everyone he loves “just to make a point.” Then they build up more of the conflict between OVE and Edwards and co.

House of Hardcore Match: OVE vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards & Tommy Dreamer

There are weapons in trashcans outside the ring.

OVE is out first and Callihan knocks the camera out the cameraman’s hand. Matthews says Callihan needs to “get his *** kicked” while Callis says, “Playing it straight, huh.” Matthews pushes House of Hardcore while Dreamer comes out. Moose and Edwards are out next and they talk about how this is anything goes.

Match is pretty much crazy to start off with Edwards nailing Callihan with a trashcan lid and Dreamer spitting soda in the head of one of the Crists. Crowd is chanting “ECW.” There are dueling Dreamer and OVE chats. Callihan nails a jumping thrust kick on Dreamer but Edwards throws a chair into Callihan’s face. Callihan gets back up and does a suplex into the steel chair. Gets a two count which Moose breaks up.

Moose nails a powerbomb on Callihan while Callis praises Moose for the transition from football to wrestling. Moose tries to hit a tope con hilo but lands on a ladder back first. Dream and Edwards work on the Crists in the ring then lock in submission moves. Callihan hits Dreamer and Edwards with a kendo stick while Dave Crist names Dreamer in the head with an oven pan. OVE stands tall in the ring and start working on Dreamer and knock him out of the ring.

OVE grab tables and start pounding on them. OVE gets back in the ring and face off with Edwards. Edwards is hit in the head with a trashcan who then piles up chairs in the middle of the ring. Edwards takes a cutter on the chairs but Moose breaks it up. Moose hits multiple dropkicks on Dave Crist and Callihan. Another kick on the top of the trashcan on Jake Crist, but Dave Crist breaks up the cover. Dave Crist grabs duct lape and starts choking Edwards. Callihan fights Dreamer but Dreamer hits the Spicolli Driver into a table.

Dave Crist has thumbtacks but Moose and Edwards team up to put him into the tacks. Dreamer puts Dave Crist on a table, but Callihan sends him into another table and puts him underneath it. Moose was going to do a splash onto Dave Crist, but Jake Crist hits him with a cutter through two tables. Callihan and Edwards are fighting in the ring. Callihan goes after the eyes, hits Get Out of Here, but Edwards kicks out at two.

Callihan grabs the bat and prepares to use it but Dreamer has a barbed wire bat. Dreamer hits a DDT. He plans to rake the bat against the eyes but Callihan with a low blow, then rolls up Dreamer for the pin.

Winner: OVE

Edwards attacks Callihan after the match and rakes the barbed wire bat across his eyes. Callihan is bleeding. Edwards tapes Callihan to the top rope and Matthews suggests he’s going to sacrifice him life on PPV. Callihan spits into Edwards’ face and takes a low blow. Edwards has Callihan’s blood on his face and goes after Callihan with a Singapore cane. Edwards hits the ref and goes after Callihan again. Dreamer tries to calm him down but Edwards nails Dreamer and hits Callihan right in the head. Edwards nails both Crists and goes back for Callihan.

Alisha Edwards out to stop Edwards, grabs her husband, and gets hit in the head with the cane. Edwards says he didn’t know it was her and here come the medics. Dreamer moves Eddie Edwards away while medics treat Alisha Edwards. Callian looks dead by the ropes, for the record. Alisha Edwards has a neck brace on and they’re treating this pretty seriously. Matthews and Callis point out the kendo stick from Eddie Edwards to Alisha Edwards was accidental and they cut away…

Rey Fenix does a promo in the back where he talks how he’s ready for the title match.

Austin Aries is still called the Grand Champion and World Champion as he’s interviewed. He talks about change and says in New Orleans it looked like there was a certain course but it all changed. Aries is wearing all the titles he currently holds including IPW and Defiant Wrestling in Great Britain. He suggests Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix might team up to take him out because they’re brothers. He says he’s setting the course for the new Impact Wrestling and is the man for the job.

Impact then airs a video featuring the issues between Allie, Braxton Sutter, and Su Yung. Allie says it’ll be an all out war with Yung. Matthews calls Yung Allie’s biggest challenge and Callis suggests she’s like his second wife.

Braxton Sutter introduces Yung and Matthews notes it isn’t known what their relationship is. Yung basically shambles to the ring like a zombie while being called “The Undead Bride.” Allie comes out next and the crowd is pretty much behind her with bunny ears and a Bunny Section sign.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship: Allie vs. Su Yung

Sutter keeps Allie from confronting Yung and Allie tells him to “get out.” Yung hits Allie first, but Allie is able to take her down. Allie does a suplex on Yung , then hits a sliding elbow, and goes outside the ring. Allie and Sutter argue with each other but Yung puls her into the ring. Allie gets Yung in the corner but Sutter pulls her out of the ring. Allie goes up top but Sutter pulls on her legs and gets her in the tree of woe. Yung attacks Allie and ends up sending her onto the outside.

Yung does a flip dive on the outside and Allie is out. Yung gets a pair of two counts. Yung gets some sort of blood-stained glove, tries to hit Allie, but takes a Codebreaker. Both women struggle to their feet and exchange running uppercuts and elbows. Allie with a DDT, then hits forearms, and knocks Yung on the canvas. Allie with two forearms to Yung in the corner and gets a two count.

Callis points out Sutter could get into Allie’s head as Yung hits a driver and gets a two count. Yung hits Best Superkick Ever but Sutter gets in the ring. Allie’s first attempt to hit Sutter is blocked, but she nails him with the other. Yung tries to hit a Panic Switch, but Allie counters and gets a sunset flip for the pin.

Winner and STILL Knockouts champion: Allie

Sutter gets in the ring says things are “really bad” and tries to calm her down by promising to “fix it.” He then gets down on his right knee, says he loves Yung, and asks for her hand in marriage. Yung looks at Sutter with a weird look, caresses his face, and spits mist into his face. She then puts a Mandible Claw on Sutter and takes him down to the mat. She then walks out on her own.

Matthews and Callis recap the show then go to video showing Impact’s Slammiversary is going to be in Toronto on July22nd.

Impact’s video promoting the triple threat starts with Alberto El Patron confronting Aries at the news conference. The video says El Patron no showed the next day and they go to highlights of the first triple threat match between Aries, Pentagon Jr., and Rey Fenix. Impact again points out they fired El Patron and shows video of Aries challenging Pentagon Jr and Fenix to the current three-way at Redemption.

Callis says, “Always go with the champ,” and predicts Aries will win.

Impact Wrestling champion Austin Aries vs. Rey Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr is out first. Fenix is out next with Aries and his belts follow. Pentagon Jr. mouths off to Aries as he gets into the ring and Aries holds up the Impact title. Big match introductions for all three competitors.

The bell rings and all three face off to a certain extent. Crowd chants for lucha. Aries chills in the corner, exchange shoves with Fenix before Pentagon attacks. Aries takes down both men. Aries with chops to both men, then holds onto the ropes, and takes a powder to avoid dual superkicks. Fenix and Pentagon face off. Fenix nails Aries, hits a cutter on Pentagon Jr, but gets knocked off. Aries puts in the Last Chancery but Fenix flies across the ring and breaks it up.

Fenix and Aries are fighting now and exchanging hits. Aries gets a cover on Fenix for a two, then a one on another cover. Fenix avoids a suplex but takes a superkick from Pentagon. Aries hits a bulldog and locks in another Last Chancery on Pentagon which Fenix breaks up. Aries hits Fenix in the ears, charges, gets thrown over the rope, and hits a rana on Pentagon on the floor.

Fenix does a triple corkscrew from the top rope after more issues with the left top corner ropes and takes out everyone. That corner has been troublesome for almost everyone tonight. He then hits an impressive swanton on Pentagon in the ring but Aries breaks up the cover. Aries tries to hit a brainbuster which is blocked. Pentagon sort of does a suplex on Aries, which also hurts Fenix, and tries to do covers on Aries and Fenix. Both two counts.

Aries and Fenix exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Aries looks like he was going to try a 450, but Pentagon Jr. breaks it up and tosses out Aries. He gets a two on Fenix. Fenix plays possum but takes a superkick from Pentagon and nails an uppercut while Pentagon was on the top rope. Fenix with a Muscle Buster but Pentagon kicks out.

Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver, but Aries stops the county. He then hits a spinning elbow on Pentagon and they fight on the apron. Aries puts Pentagon on the outside, who hits Fenix with a superkick and catches Aries’ attempted suicide dive. Aries is able to fight off Pentagon and throws him into the crowd. He’s then able to get both men in the ring where he hits a 450 splash. Goes for a double cover but the brothers kick out.

Pentagon and Fenix hit superkicks on Aries and he’s down in the center of the ring. Pentagon Jr. locks in a Gory Special, does a double package piledriver on Fenix and Aries, snaps Aries’ arm, nails a Pentagon Driver, and pins Aries for the win.

Winner and NEW Impact World Champ: Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr. celebrates on the turnbuckles, gets back in the ring and faces off with Fenix. Aries is on the outside. The brothers hug. Pentagon Jr. again celebrates with the crowd and we go to credits.

Source: PWInsider