Injury Updates on CM Punk & Lesnar, Likely Main Event for Extreme Rules

Posted by Matt Boone April 9, 2013 7 Comments

- Brock Lesnar was knocked out cold after a knee from Triple H about five minutes into their WrestleMania 29 match. There is speculation that Lesnar suffered a concussion and kept going.

- Regarding CM Punk, we noted that he busted up his leg in the WrestleMania match against The Undertaker, when he did the elbow drop onto the announce table. Punk got x-rays on Sunday night and reportedly has to go in for a MRI. He will return on next week’s RAW to address the loss.

- Talk even before last night’s closing angle on RAW was that Ryback vs. John Cena for the WWE Title will main event the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on May 19th.


  • morrisonfanone

    I would not at all be shocked if those guys were really hurt. Those were some insane matches. I thought it looked like Lesaner was knocked out for a while.

  • Ace Boogie

    Feed Me More!

  • Papa Georgio

    WM does crazy stuff to guys and they do crazy shit. Not exactly the first time Lesnar has been KTFO at a WM. I still cringe when I think of his failed shooting star press against angle. I was amazed he wasn’t dead and finished that match. Obviously more brawn than brains. I can admire that and be glad it’s them instead of me.

    • gokule

      that shooting star press was still pretty awesome.
      if kurt didn’t move, I think he might have broken his neck

    • Splodeydope

      It’s funny because, in OVW, the Shooting Star Press was his go-to finisher, and he normally nailed it perfectly.

    • Buster Cherry

      Well it looked like the table gimmick failed cause normally they break with the slightest impact

  • TexansFanatic

    IF WWE does this right, Ryback as a heel could work. But he needs a manager.

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