Internal Feelings on WWE’s Current Direction, AJ Responds To Punk

Posted by Matt Boone May 23, 2012 20 Comments

- Morale in WWE has declined significantly since WrestleMania 28. After WWE delivered a blockbuster show and followed up with the return of Brock Lesnar, the general feeling is that things are already “back to normal” and the company has no direction with current and future storylines.

– On Monday’s RAW, WWE Champion CM Punk had an awkward backstage exchange with WWE diva AJ. Punk told AJ that he “sort of digs” crazy chicks. AJ has since replied, tweeting:

“I sort of dig guys that sort of dig crazy chicks.”

– Speaking of AJ, she and Daniel Bryan are featured in the following promo video for WWE No Way Out next month:

[vsw id="gqNROeODBPY" source="youtube" width="490" height="280" autoplay="no"]

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    • Ice

      Well if the People Power era and the push of John Laurinatis is going downhill, then why not remove or change things, since keeping it would make it worse. If the company has no direction within the storylines then why not try listening to the fans???

      • ranger0893

        I totally agree with you ice. The Board figures they know everything. If they would just listen to the fans for once and get rid of Laurinatis the rating would probably would go back up, and more than 500,000 fans would watch.

        • Ice

          Yo got that right ranger0893!!!! Hell i bet if they let some fans with great ideas and minds write the stories and matches for atleast a good month, i will guarantee you that The Board would end up looking stupid and the ratings will go up.

      • Broski

        Currently there are some points that WWE listened to the fans as listed below:
        1. CM Punk being WWE champ
        2. Kane putting back his mask on
        3. Cena not being WWE champ for a couple of months now
        4. Bringing back Lesnar and Heyman and making Lesnar legitimise WWE. He did put a good match at extreme rules.
        5. WWE is trying to imply that they get that fans doesn’t like PG era, so their answer is People Power.

        What I’m trying to say is I think WWE is listening to fans but not totally. Something is still missing.

    • fuckwwe2012

      there are no storylines anymore! there was no build for any of the world title matches all they do is build on people kicking cenas ass its getting old

      • johnnyb

        Seems like Hogan is doing better In TNA with story lines were champions really matter and titles have value Good job TNA raw put me to sleep

        • BOOKER T

          I have to say TNA is making small steps which are working fine.Bobby Roode has a great character and his title reign is respectable.Let him hold it longer if you ask me.Hes doing a wonderful job. I hope whatever they have planned for brooke hogan wont be that bad.Itll be silly, but hopefully it wont take away from the show.

    • GG

      If Cena was changing direction, it would be HUGE. But if not, then all the rest feels pretty old too…

    • WooWooGirl2012

      I agree get rid of Laurinatis, he sucks. I think it is old too that they are always focused on kicking John Cenas ass, the old John Cena should come back, I liked him better than this push over that he has become. I thought the deal was that if a wrestler interfered Laurinatis would be gone along with the wrestler,The Big Show was rehired on Saturday so that would mean that he was employed and therefore they both should be gone…Just getting to the point that I DVR it and fastforward through most of it because it is getting old.

      • DmonicWolf

        oh they sortta tried to clean that up and in the process made themselves look like morons

    • k-lub43

      There is a bubble that has formed over the powers that be. They will only do what they think works and don’t care what the fans (who are outside said bubble) think or how they will respond to the product. The real brain-tickler is that the powers that be seem to not understand that their current direction is leading the WWE into a pit so deep that it may (by that time) not be strong enough to pull itself back out. Now I’m going to post as if they are listening. Hey fellows, drop the PG era. Bring in a PG-13 era where storylines are more intriguing and the matches are actually wrestling matches with actual pro wrestling maneuvers (remember the german suplex, the piledriver, and chain wrestling?). Leave out the quasi-porn and constant swearing as that is not what true fans of pro wrestling are watching your program for anyway. We want more violence (not just specifically hardcore matches). Call us barbarians, but the more violent and competitive the match the more the match itself will mean in the long run (ex. iron man match at wrestlemania 12, no holds barred match between hart and austin at wrestlemania 13). It will also make your championships mean more than they do now, which is nothing. Don’t act as if you can’t fix the problems with WWE and admit that the PG era and abandonment of the core product of your business (which is wrestling since you have forgotten) is the quicksand in which your company is sinking.

      • k-lub43

        Make sure to fix your shotty camera work too. Zooming in and out guarantees two things: No one can see what is happening and a lot of vomit on tv sets across the nation.

      • Engraved

        I dont think wwe would even dream of putting down the PG era until the general elections.. I understand wrestling has become a joke now but I dont see any improvements in the near future!!!

    • Troy Campbell

      If it was not Big Johnny and the proms over and over what would fill in the time? It is time to invest in some new wrestlers . They could have got a lot for the money they wasted on Brock Lesnar. I don’t like him and I am sure i am not the only one. But it what Vince says goes. Think about it WWE is big big operation and a big money maker. If they lose some of us someone takes our place

      • Wrestlehead

        I totally agree with your point about Laurinaitis. It’s sad that a corporate stooge is their top heel. Furthermore, WWE brass probably assume that he’s doing a good job at generating heat since he’s so annoying (reading the messages on this board is evidence of that), but more people would probably tune in if he wasn’t there.

    • Broski

      The ad is cool and funny. This made me forget that Daniel Bryan is a heel!

    • Matt Rayfield

      @ICE Because it is Vince and he won’t listen to WWE fans. You should know that lol.

    • Val Kilmer

      I just took one of ric flair’s energy drinks!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$!!!

    • Peter

      WWE is a business. They shouldn’t listen to the fans. They can give you what you want, but you shouldn’t dictate how their product goes. All the fans want is push every superstar out there and make them all world champions and a ton of violence and swearing. That’s not ideal at all. It will be a catastrophe if they did listen to the fans all the time. Contrary to popular belief, WWE knows what they’re doing, the fans don’t.

    • juan

      man wwe is so low with these story line crap at least tna has a better GM then the PG crap wwe is doing right now

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