Internal WWE List Reveals Top Faces For The Future, More On Plans For The Shield

Posted by Matt Boone May 7, 2014 16 Comments

WWE has changed direction with their original plans to break up The Shield.

Word got out before WrestleMania that the company was strongly considering breaking up the popular faction and on-air storylines teased dissension amongst the members. Around the time of WrestleMania XXX, it was reported that the breakup was delayed due to the strong responses they continued to get from WWE crowds.

Roman Reigns: Ready for Prime Time? (Editorial)

Another factor believed to be at play is the grooming of Roman Reigns. He is still seen as a breakout star and a future main event player, but is not ready to go solo yet and will benefit from more time with Ambrose and Rollins.

The original plans would have had The Shield already broken up at this point.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • SJ

      Randy Orton being a heel and bad guy is about as good and as much friggin’ fun as getting stuck with a dialysis needle in one’s forearm without the numbing cream!!!

      Want sucks about Randy Orton right now?? Everything…unfortunately, enough….from his dirtbag fucking look to his wanna be girlfriend Kim Marie. Which she’s just with him because she’s allowed to be. Not fucking right or fair or moral….but do you honestly believe anyone really cares??

      I don’t.
      The Viper Randy Orton….he definitely deserves to be with a real woman who wears her hair how she wants and dresses how she wants and also dresses femininely as well….regardless of how she wears her hair….whether its long or short. Although the Randy Orton who used to be The Viper….who actually behaved like a man and who was a good guy….but isn’t allowed to be that way anymore because of some fucking idiocy like the negative influences of other people telling him idiotic fucking B. S. like, they don’t think he should be the boyfriend of, nor marry a Non-Racist, Straight – Edge, Traditional Skinhead girl because they don’t believe that’d be appropriate for him to do! That’s absolutely ridiculously awful and wrong, immoral and not right or fair for or of him to do to me! It fucking hurts a lot and totally sucks and is extremely cowardly, rotten, lameassed, pathetic, sorry, weak, gutless, cowardly, hateful and beyond worse than extremely

      hellaciously motherfucking annoying!!!!!

      • SJ

        Except…he’s not The Viper anymore…he’s not going to be clean shaven and be my boyfriend and marry me —- probably until I bug the hell out of him and just care about him and adore and admire the hell out of him anyway. Regardless of whatever other people say or feel about me.
        OOpps…forgot that I’m not supposed to put what I look like on here…oh well…I just did. Big deal.

        Randy Orton not being my boyfriend and him not marrying me SUCKS HELLACOUSLY LOUSY , HURTFULLY AND IS WORSE THAN JOHN CENA being a so-called baby face, it’s worse than when John Cena behaves antagonistically and insultingly!!! It’s worse than anything!!!!

        Randy Orton having to be with Kim Marie and be her boyfriend and stuff TOTALLY SUCKS!!! IT’S OFFENSIVE, ROTTEN, DESTRUCTIVE, HATEFUL, LOUSY, STUPID, OBJECTIONABLE AND WRONG!!!!

        • Robert Bibbins

          it’s good to see they give mental ward in-patients internet access? now take your meds please!

          • SJ

            *puzzled look*
            What are you going on about, man?
            All I’m simply stating is that :
            Randy Orton being the boyfriend of and being in a romantic relationship with Kim Marie…..ABSOLUTELY, TREMENDOUSLY, ABHORRENTLY MOTHERFUCKING

            • Ryan Allen Shadman

              He went AWOL when he was in the marines…..he is not the most amazing person ever.

        • Guest

          She/he is most likely a 12 year old….

    • China

      I’d put my money on Seth Rollins breaking through as the main eventer of The Shield at the moment, that guy has been consistantly good lately.

      • SJ

        Randy Orton should be allowed to break through Evolution as the guy who’s the main eventer of Evolution right now. He’s been consistently good and although he’s having to be a hellish bad guy…it’s definitely be extremely refreshing for him to dump Kim Marie and go back to being the clean shaven, badass, underdog, babyface good guy…and be my boyfriend and marry me.
        The Viper Randy Orton is consistently fantastic.

        • RKO Viper Rules

          you wish, girl….you wish…
          orton hasn’t been as amazing as he used to be which sucks if ya ask me. though….that guy adam rose would definitely be 100% right about it being, “party time….all the time…” if randy or ton were to be your boyfriend and marry you though…it’d be a damn cool thing to see and to have happen… and randy orton having a wedding at atlantis in paradise island, bahamas….and you two making out, hugging, holding hands, kissing….
          that’d be sweet!

      • SethRollinsFan101

        Yes! Seth has always been amazing. He is my personal favorite of the 3, but I can actually see a bright future for all 3 of them in WWE.

      • Derp

        Rollins has been the most impressive member of the Shield. Ambrose is highly entertaining with his drunken bar fight wrestling style. And well, Reigns is good at spearing and superman punching people.

    • Bulkster

      Good idea. Reigns still needs work on his mic skills.

      • Tamia Johnson

        To know he still needs to work on his mic skills reigns is basically the brains of the Shield with Ambrose

      • Sheila

        Orton definitely needs work on his mic skills and facial expressions, body language and attitude..
        Not surprising to me. Ever since he’s had to be a heel and behave like a bad guy, which right now…..really does fucking suck even worse than dissatisfying, disappointing, unhappily, annoyingly and beyond worse than hell.
        Not to mention that now, Randy Orton’s even having to be the boyfriend of that girl Kim Marie. Which to me is extremely objectionable, lousy, wrong, unfair, no-good, fucked up, wretched, bothersome, depressing, upsetting, extremely troublesome, lameassed fucking no-good goddamned fucking crap! Worse still, now….even Randy Orton’s become even more annoying than even John Cena!
        Yes, I too have been feeling extremely, absolutely and totally dissatisfied about things occourring in the WWE pertaining to Randy Orton.

    • Hanscyde

      I still think Ambrose is the best in the group. Roman Reigns has the look for a prototypical WWE wrestler and Rollins might be the best wrestler of that group, but Ambrose is the most balanced wrestler and by far the best talker of the group and I think he made Rollins’ promo better ‘though he is still not that great a promo cutter like Ambrose is. If the shield were to break up, hopefully Ambrose be a laid-back to crazy Jake Roberts heel-like character and be WWE champion.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      If they give them equal opportunity to succeed. I rank them 1. Rollins, 2. Ambrose 3. Reigns.

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