Jake Roberts/Royal Rumble Story Coverage, WWE European Title, Ric Flair News

-“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be making an appearance on Saturday, August 3rd in Ringgold, Georgia at the AWF Arena from 6-8pm. For more information, visit AWFWow.com.

Speaking of Flair, the WWE Hall Of Famer recently posted the following tweet in remembrance of his son, Reid Flair, who tragically passed away earlier thiis year.

Reid in Tokyo at All Japan Am Nationals. He won 2nd Place. Miss you champ. pic.twitter.com/eEPSkHwVOJ

-With WWE taking more frequent trips to the European market in recent years, the official website of WWE questions whether or not the WWE European Championship would carry with it more significance these days. You can check out an interesting read titled, “The Forgotten Legacy Of The WWE European Championship” online at WWE.com.

-The story of Jake “The Snake” Roberts attempting to get in one final WWE Royal Rumble match has started to gain some traction with the mainstream media. The story first appeared on TMZ.com, and has since been picked up by The Examiner and the International Business Times.

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