Jake “The Snake” Robert Talks Possible In-Ring Return, Induction Into WWE HOF, More

Posted by Matt Boone January 13, 2013 3 Comments

Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently spoke with Kayfabe Kickout. Here are some highlights.

Why he decided to do DDP Yoga: I was at a point where I no longer had any hope at all. Synchronized swimming was my second choice. The real truth is I had no place to go but up and I was very fortunate to have a true friend reach out to me.

Transition to moving into DDP’s house: No doubt. The dark place I was at mentally, the trouble I was in physically, and knowing deep inside that it was an all or nothing scenario meant this was my last chance if I was ever going to come out of the deep spiral I was in.

Thoughts on Steve Austin: I love Steve very much and respect him. I believed in him before anybody else. He had been given a raw deal several times in other organizations but I was the first person to step up and say, “This is the guy!” I hate when I’m right.

If WWE or TNA would benefit by bringing back old names: As far as inside the ring, it damn sure wouldn’t hurt. The only question is who would understand it. And who would have the patience to do it?

Using DDP Yoga for possible in-ring comeback: Never say never. But that is not what I’m here for. What my dream may have been in the beginning pales in comparison to the dream that has become. I want to excel in what I’m doing and slay the beast that used to control my life. If Jake Roberts can do these things, bring myself back to health, conquer my demons, then I will become something much bigger than Jake Roberts ever was. That would be an example that you can win the war that you are battling.

If he envisions himself in the WWE Hall of Fame: I envision myself being sober today and anything else that comes along with that is gravy. It would certainly be an honor but it won’t change my life if it doesn’t happen. I love wrestling, second only to my sobriety.

Thoughts on Vince McMahon: Smartest man ever to own a wrestling company. Did more for wrestling than Moses.

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    • Beer Money Jobber

      Jake was one of the greatest in ring performers ever & don’t forget Damien the snake. Jake deserves to be in the HOF. Does anyone remember that Jake was a member of the original Legion Of Doom with Hawk, Animal, Buzz Sawyer & Precious Paul Ellering as their leader?

      • Honesty14

        Can I just thank you sincerely, for actually teaching me something on this comment board, that never happens, you usually just get that 40 dawg guy spouting bullshit with his rival… who may just be him. I had no idea that Jake The Snake was with LOD that’s awesome man! and as their leader? Damn. I loved Jake… well the snake more than Jake himself but thanks man. Refreshing break.

        • Beer Money Jobber

          Ty, what a pleasant change of pace from the usual other posters insulting me because I don’t like their favorite babyfaces. Glad you liked my comment. In the words of the late great Hawk, “What a rush!!!!”

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