Jake “The Snake” Roberts Needs Your Help to Fund Surgery

Posted by Matt Boone January 25, 2013 5 Comments

Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently created an IndieGogo page to raise money for a shoulder surgery. Roberts has lost 60 pounds and been sober for over 75 days, the longest stretch in over a decade, but his shoulder is getting in the way of his exercise regimen.

If you are interested in making a donation, rewards for donating range include a signed photograph, a personal phone call, and an “accountability crib” experience with Roberts and DDP. You can make donations here.

  • Bob

    Wow, it seems like they reached the goal with tons of time to spare. So happy Jake is back on the road to recovery. Looks like he’s gonna make it, too.

  • psychosomatic

    Jake needs Dr. Sarno

  • 40dawg

    fuk off cunt go get a job. shoulda saved your money you made from wrestling fuck head

    • http://www.facebook.com/xxdayoffatexx Daniel Dillman

      You are really pathetic. I just had to post to let you know.

      • Miz

        Maybe you are the pathetic one, and he is awessssssommmmme!

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