JBL Comments on Smackdown Job, Dawn Marie Responds to Claims, Smackdown Live Events

Posted by Matt Boone August 5, 2012 4 Comments

- Dawn Marie Psaltis Damatta posted the following video answering questions and addressing accusations directed at her and Wrestler’s Rescue.

- With The Big Show heading overseas with the SmackDown crew next week, John Cena vs. Tensai will headline next weekend’s WWE live events in Mississippi and Arkansas.

- JBL teased earlier on his Twitter that he would return to commentating on SmackDown. When someone wrote that it needed to happen, JBL replied,

  • MRNC

    No video?

  • James

    JBL was worse at announcing than Booker T. Stay gone PLEASE!!

  • Mr. Real Talk

    Oh good no video. Glad to see webmasters money is being put to good use. Nothing more awesome than posting topics with no real content to them. Can really tell you’re making $1 a post.

  • Beer Money Jobber

    What a godsent it would be if JBL would return to Smackdown. He was the best heel announcer the show ever had. He’s more interesting than Josh Matthews & Booker T combined. JBL also can speak clearly, unlike Booker T & Teddy Long. Who knows what the hell they’re talking about?

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