Jeff Hardy Credits The Undertaker for Elevating Solo Career

Posted by Matt Boone December 18, 2012 3 Comments

Jeff Hardy discussed his favorite career moments during his appearance on 4th & Pain’s podcast, including his match against the Undertaker on Monday Night Raw many years ago. Hardy credits that match with taking his solo career to the next level.

“That was one of the most amazing story telling matches I’ve ever been a part of,” said Hardy.

Hardy also mentioned that he’s thoroughly enjoying the business, although not 100% of the time like he used to, but he still gets a huge rush at certain points. You can listen in on the podcast below.

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    • raven

      Jeff I say this with respect and becuz u r my favorite wrestler plz take break ur back is a little jacked up I want to see wrestle without having to always ice your back I know u love what u do I do love watching your matches just b careful with ur back

    • wwerules!!!

      yeah i agree @disqus_XDeNO1XHzf:disqus i think he has like 2 herniated disc

    • CS99

      God I remembered that match, one of the first matches I seen as I was just getting into wrestling. Amazing!

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