Jeff Hardy To Return To TNA As “Willow”, Alpha Female Makes TNA Debut

Posted by Matt Boone February 14, 2014 12 Comments

- German wrestler Alpha Female made her official TNA debut on Impact Wrestling this week. She attacked TNA Knockout Velvet Sky and sided with Chris Sabin during the show.

- It looks like Jeff Hardy is returning to TNA as his “Willow” character. The company recently posted the following teaser video on their YouTube channel:

  • Wall

    follow the buzzards

  • Jonathan Lee

    Oh fuck naw

    • N.J

      Fuck naw u kidding right this is the best thing happening in tna right now the return of willow!!!! Can’t wait Willow been around since the 90s man in willows wayyyyy!!

  • Not bad…

    I like it. Change him up a bit.

  • Undertaker316

    vince russo booking at its finest

    • N.J

      No it’s not Vince Russo dumb ass willow was made by jeff hardy he was willow in the 90s at omega next time think before u say.

      • TheRealish

        ULTRAAAAA!!!! COMBO!!!!!

      • Undertaker316

        there’s no need to insult someone because they didn’t know something, i just assumed vince russo ripped off the idea from some movie like he always does

  • N.J

    In willows wayyyyyyy

  • TheRealish

    Fuck I wish Jeff was doing this in the WWE.

  • will oh stop

    that was fuckin’ creepy! :O

  • J.J.

    He should have made a huge return to WWE like this, TNA is just gonna know its him

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