Jeff Hardy Staying with TNA?, Hulk Hogan Hypes Tonight’s Impact

Posted by Matt Boone December 20, 2012 3 Comments

- Hulk Hogan hyped tonight’s episode of Impact, writing on Twitter, “IMPACT WRESTLING tonight on Spike 8est/7central,Bully is really getting close to the point of no return with me,as GM it’s getting tougher”

– Jeff Hardy recently talked about his future with TNA wrestling and if WWE was an option during an interview with

“I’ll look at the comments on Instagram and there’s all this WWE, TNA talk. I get so tired of hearing that as far as where I should be or whatever. Being here is what’s cool to me because we have so much room to grow and get better. And really, I feel needed more here. Like if I did ever go back to WWE, I wouldn’t feel as needed. I mean, I would stand out but I would just vanish with the other top guys. Being here is just unique because I’m able to be the complete package of ‘The Charismatic Enigma,’ like with my music coming out and my artwork. There’s just so much potential for me overall being more than just a wrestler here in TNA. And that’s why I’m going to remain here.”

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    • Save_Us.Y2K

      The druggy is tired of hearing about his future? I’m tired of those stupid eye balls he draws on his eye lids. Please stay in TNA where I or anyone else never have to see you stumble to the ring again.

    • Kage

      Personally, I’m tired of the constant complaining of the IWC regarding TNA talent going to WWE. Why do they all think that if wrestler ‘x’ goes to Vince, then they will become world champions and have incredible careers? Hardy is right; he (and others) have a higher chance of simply fading into the background whilst being clasped in WWE’s iron-grip that prevents them from exploring outside ventures. Now, anyone with half a brain realises that there are exceptions to the rule (notably CM Punk and Daniel Bryan), so I’m not saying that wrestlers shouldn’t TRY to the WWE…but I’m tired of the perception that it is a fairytale corporation that guarantees fame and riches for anyone who makes the jump.

      Now, everyone needs to stop clamouring for Sting to go to WWE, as if he needs to ‘validate’ his career by doing so. It’s stupid.

      • Derp.

        Very, very well said sir.

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