Jeff Hardy’s Court Date Postponed Once Again

Posted by Brad Davis February 16, 2011 52 Comments

The Fayetteville Observer has an article up, covering today’s court appearance by Jeff Hardy. As previously reported, the case was continued, but according to the The Fayetteville Observer, the reason is different than previously reported. Assistant Moore County District Attorney Peter Strickland said Hardy’s lawyer was sick and the case likely wouldn’t be heard again until March 21. He said the Total Nonstop Action wrestler and his lawyer are still negotiating with the District Attorney’s Office about a plea deal.

“Hardy’s lawyer was sick and the case likely wouldn’t be heard again until March 21.”

Hardy is charged with trafficking in opium, two counts of possession with intent to sell or deliver a controlled substance, maintaining a dwelling to keep a controlled substance, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lawmen found 262 doses of Vicodin prescription painkillers, 180 Soma prescription pills, 55 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine and drug paraphernalia when they searched Hardy’s home after a tip in 2009.

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    • Me

      HHH Rules!!!

      • Steve Borden

        Triple Thread Match: HHH vs. The Undertaker vs. Sting

        wouldn’t that be great?

      • bribiss31

        HHH sucks! its funny…every1 hates cena cuz he does 3 moves (i do 2) but love hhh….who has, umm, 3 moves! i dont get it.

    • First

      First on the new crap!!!!

    • Hollow Bonez

      WOW! loving the new format of the site. ANYWAY, Cena COMPLETELY trashed The Rock. Can’t wait till Rocky respond. As for the HHH & The Undertaker skit, it was electrifying but it didn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

      • Eddie

        Streak vs. Career with shawn as guest ref is my guess. HHH is upset with the deadman cuz he’s the reason HBK is gone. But I see a screw job by HBK. He wont let HHH beat the streak if he couldn’t.

        • Hollow Bonez

          I understand that but, it was kind of dumb on creative to make something up like that. I mean cmon, Kane & The Nexus buried ‘Taker, shouldn’t that story line continue? Sheamus attacked HHH which caused “injury” shouldn’t they continue that also?

      • Random guy

        Umm yeah. All Cena did was call Rock gay for making Disney movies, and mentioned for the millionth time that Rock was retired. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff there. If that’s the best he’s got, then that’s sad.

        And the HHH/Taker thing made perfect sense. They both came out. Instead of HHH blabbing and yelling about how he was gonna beat Taker like he normally would, he just looked at the Wrestlemania sign, made his desire to wrestle him very clear, and that was it. Neither guy talked and it was more effective than anything Cena said at the top of the show. Don’t really get why that’s hard to understand.

        • Hollow Bonez

          cmon dude lets be serious. Whether what Cena said was “cool” or not, he still disrespected Rocky. BIG TIME. I’m expecting something even more interesting next week between the two.

          • sumguy

            yep I agree with ya bonez.

            • Save_Us.Y2K

              Yea you can give Cena alittle credit sometimes, that was actually pretty funny.

          • Random guy

            Sure he dissed Rock. He just didn’t do it very well. He literally said “Rock’s gay” and “Rock’s retired” over and over again. That was it.

      • kerr jones

        jeff hardy shood return to the wwe and attak cm sucks

    • zack

      well well 24wrestling now got a new look
      speaking of raw taker’s return wasn’t a surprise and now we know he would face hhh
      it was looking they would have cole vs lawler and now it’s conformed
      but please give jomo a push.

    • Hollow Bonez

      sounds good

    • Rezzurekted

      Who the fuck is Jim Ruggan??

    • Alex Mcdonald

      Cole is a douche

    • Hollow Bonez

      Hacksaw Jim Ruggan???????????!?!?!??!?!?

    • Rezzurekted

      Utter FAIL of a raw after last weeks really, Dumb arse promo for The Undertaker Triple H’s reception was good tho, Makes no sense for them to go together at Mania other than they have no matches booked for either one!

      • Random guy

        Agreed. The show was terrible.

    • JESTER

      and finally The Game is back.

    • Random guy

      Taker’s botched entrance was shown on TV. I saw it.

      • sumguy

        I saw it too. really thought that taker was out there but nope he didn’t. oh well. twas an ok entrance.

    • 24Wrestling Owner

      Like the new look … to bad 24W kept this reply part … this is old, out dated, and worthless anymore.

    • samuelson

      hope that cena will make it a historical wrestlemania again.anyway the miz is really awesome but not this time.

    • Jay

      Cena , Undertaker are gona make history in WM27

    • Jay#2

      I’m only posting to say that I love the new look!

    • Damn

      This new layout SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Payney


      • Random guy


    • AntJea

      Those two returns, were the worst return promos ever. How to f*** do the go from the Undertaker getting buried alive by Kane with the help of the Nexus and HHH getting injured by Sheamus, to those two squaring off at Wrestlemania. If HHH wants to retire, he shouldn’t of came back, he should of just stayed in the back and fire all the creative team cause they absolutely suck. By far the worst return promo ever, they did good with the Rock, but this shit was horrible.

      • Hollow Bonez


    • Fons

      Jonh cena Sucks boring , he’s always winnig BORING BORING BORINGGGGGGGGGGGG

      • kerr jones


    • R-Thunder

      I already see this Wrestlemania in history. Legendary Wrestlemania moments – Mr. T, Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, The Rock vs Steve Austin, HBK vs Undertaker and Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole.

    • Joel shox

      Randy orton fuken rules!!!

    • xx

      new layout?? AWESOME!

    • Syxx

      new format sucks

    • Fons

      And the Announced for Lex luger ???? and Randy’ macho man’ savage ????? And The ultimate warrior ????? And Razor ramon ????? And Bam Bam Bigelow ????? And Owen hart ????? where are they al ??

    • shawnpnpgh

      There is something wrong with a Wrestling Company when your biggest Heal is Cole someone who can’t wrestle and for them to use The Kings Mother as a story line was completely uncalled for but the WWE really took it to TNA by Getting Booker T and Nash so much for the MEM return also TNA fails because there is NO way Noway Angle would lose to weak ass Jarret Angle is a formal Gold Medalist a muti WWE champion and Jarret never won nothing in the WWE and Karen Can’t act every time she speaks i turn off TNA Angle should of left her trashy ass at the Strip Club where he found her

    • bubba

      awesome show last night. raws on a huge roll. cena tore the rock up. but haters r still gonna hate on him. theyve been asking him to do his rapper gimmick again and he gives them a lil taste of it and they hate on it. wtf is yur problem? oh yea and hhh/taker returns didnt make much sense, but it was so iconic that it didnt really have to. and even tho taker “botched” his entrance, i think it looked awesome how you could see him in front of that b acklight. theres all of my thoughts.

      • Sabre300

        From what I’ve seen I’m probably the biggest Cena hater here, but I gotta admit, I did thoroughly enjoy his rap promo, his best in years. Waiting to see if Rock reacts next Raw :)

    • sumguy

      um… I like this new stuff here. um and tna? wow

    • this guy

      WOW is that really the best they can do with two of the biggest wwf/e superstars in the history of the business, triple h has good mic skills and takers isn’t bad yet not a word was said come on fellas u can do better than that, as far as cena and the rock, it would be great to have a mic contest at wrestlemania cena vs rocky “since rock wont lace up the boots anymore” instead of how they origanlly plan to use cena at mania

    • this guy

      o yea website looks good too

    • Gambit

      Love the new site. The King vs. the Coleminer? Really?

    • kajuan kash

      actually….id luv 2 see cole get his azz kicked lol

    • wwe fan

      Raw was absolutely AMAZING last night. Even though Taker botched his entrance, it was cool as hell. I liked the “he’s there, wait where’d he go, oh there he is” feel of it. HHH vs Taker at WM makes perfect sense. Hunter trying to finish Shawn’s unfinished business, then ties up loose ends w/Sheamus and then rides off into the sunset. Taker didn’t even say anything about Kane or the Nexus because he didn’t get a chance to. There’s nothing saying he won’t take care of them when he gets around to it. Cena BLASTED the Rock and I loved it. Those two are building up such amazing tension I literally cannot see how they are not going to have a match at WM. That would be beyond epic. Lawler vs Cole is amazing too because if you’ve been watching WWE at all over the last year, you want Cole to get his ass kicked more than anything else right now. WM27 is shaping up to be exactly as huge as Vince wants it to be. He’s a genius.

    • bribiss31

      This is shaping up 2 be the worst WM in history. Miz vs Cena-who cares. Lawler vs Cole-will be nice 2 see Cole get beat down, but doesnt really matter. edge vs del rio- not that exciting. taker vs hhh- this will only excite me if its career vs streak & hhh loses & FINALLY GOES AWAY!

      • kerr jones

        the miz is going to get be the no chapiron because cena vs miz for the wwe champion at wrselmaini 27

        • kerr jones

          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUK

    • Random-English-Fella

      The new site is alot better now guys. at least i dont spend 10 minutes closing all the pop ups now. Aint watched RAW yet cus its on at 1am and id would rather sleep than watch SuperCENA(although watching all 5 moves makes me tired of wrestling and life,joke). didnt get the whole Taker/HHH bit its the sort of promo that 2 yr olds could do, Hunter has the best heel mic skills of his generation, undertaker just has the fact he is a wrestling legend(weather thats down to him or VKM i dont know). all i want to see is the Rock maybe once a week cut a promo on someone and i guarentee that the rating would jump at least 2 points(i dont know how your yank ratings work). SuperCena doing his whole rapping thing would make him 10% less of a co*k, learning new wrestling moves would make him decent(i dont like PG as much as the next attitude era fan, but you must agree hes perfrect what for hes asked to do, STOOGING)

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