Jeff Jarrett Announces Has Resigned From TNA

Posted by Brad Davis December 23, 2013 10 Comments

TNA founder Jeff Jarrett just tweeted the following, announcing that he is done with TNA:

The news is surprising, since Jarrett had been taking on a larger role behind the scenes in recent months as the head of TNA’s creative team. He also has a minority stake in TNA. No word yet if Jarrett sold his ownership as part of his resignation.

Jarrett hasn’t been used on-screen in TNA since 2011 when he lost a #1 Contenders Steel Cage Match to Jeff Hardy and was “fired” in storylines. He continued to work behind the scenes, overseeing TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India but more recently working as a backstage agent, and negotiating the deals for AJ Styles to “defend” the title in Japan and Mexico.

Here are some reactions from various TNA stars:

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    • George Flegel

      Well, that sucks. I can’t understand why Jeff would be pushed to behind the scenes while a douche bag like Hogan is given way too much screen time and is hurting TNA. This could be another nail in TNA’s coffin.

      • Kris Godwin

        To be fair, Jarrett and Hogan are friends. Double J wanted Hogan in TNA for a long time (remember that aborted angle where he smashed a guitar over the Hulkster’s head in Japan?).

    • hmw

      JJ want to go back to wwe :v

      • Kris Godwin

        Yeah… no.

        Jeff hates Vince – and Vince hates Jeff.

        • flamjangle

          Yep – especially seeing as he held the IC Belt ransom for a reported $250 000 as his contract expired the day before the PPV. Vince paid him off so he would do the show and not ruin his PPV or take the title over to WCW.

    • Kris Godwin

      Damn. I was kinda hoping he’d buy back TNA. Oh well. I’ve never hated Jarrett as much as some other people; I always thought he was a great heel.

      • Guest

        How was he gonna buy back TNA?

        And still maintain majority control.

        • Kris Godwin

          Jeff (and his dad) have a lot of contacts and friends within the industry. The latest example of this was Ring Ka King.

          It wasn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility that he could have accrued the necessary funds to take-back majority control of TNA.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says don’t expect JJ to ever return to the WWE. Remember when JJ & Chyna had a “Good Housekeeping” match in the then WWF & the next night he was with WCW.

    • matthew mah Lee

      No hateing on tna westrling

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