Jericho: Pressure To Return To WWE, His Favorite Storyline, More

Chris Jericho was recently on R.A.W. radio, here are the highlights…

On Dancing With The Stars: “I think I shocked a lot of people, in charge. You have to be light on your feet and kinda be up & down really fast. And I was very light on my feet, which you need to be in wrestling. Also things like balance and weight distribution and things like that. Also hearing music and holding a beat in my head. There were a lot of things that helped but also a lot of things that hindered me. Wrestling is something where you’re very compact. You’re very drawn in – as far as your body. You don’t want anybody to fall on you. In dancing, it’s very wide open and your doing a lot of things and poses – that you generally wouldn’t do, in wrestling – or in life, in general. So I had to re-train my body – and do things in more a dancing kind of way.”

On The Pressure To Come Back To WWE: “I don’t really know where the pressure is coming from. I hear people asking when I’m coming back and I never said if or when I was coming back. And I’m not sure when that will be. My contract ended in September and Dancing with the Stars was coming up and I saw that Fozzy had a lot of tour dates coming up too. It may make a lot of wrestling fans unhappy, but it’s making a lot of music fans happy – now that we’re touring so much. Fozzy has it’s largest fanbase now – more than ever. And with Fozzy, after all these years is gaining more momentum and now we’re playing with bands like Metallica and Anthrax and Slipknot and I think people should understand why we’re touring and should be proud of me for that.”

On His Greatest Angle: “The angle with HBK in 2008. It was the best angle I was ever in. And I think it was one of the best angles ever. I think they should put out a DVD on that angle just as a textbook of how to put out a really entertaining angle because it was so organic. It was never supposed to be anything more than a one-match thing. I was supposed to turn on Shawn in a match that I was guest-refereeing against Batista. And one thing led to another and 8 months later, we’re fighting for the World title – after one of the greatest angles ever. And it was because the realism of it. It was 2 guys who have great chemistry both in the ring and out – and we had great ideas. It was a really cool angle because sometimes people go ‘real wrestling is show-business’ but there is something about this – where these guys aren’t faking it, there’s something real about this and it took a life of it’s own”