Jericho Suspended 30 Days: Jericho, HBK & Storm Comment

Posted by Brad Davis May 26, 2012 17 Comments

After initially suspending Chris Jericho “indefinitely” for the Brazilian flag incident that took place at Thursday night’s WWE live event, WWE has now announced that Jericho will be suspended for 30 days:

“WWE Superstar Chris Jericho has been suspended for 30 days due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the Brazilian flag at a WWE live event in São Paulo on May 24.”

Following the incident, Jericho did not immediately return home to the United States. He flew onto Ecuador with the WWE crews and just flew back into Miami this morning. He wrote:

“Just landed in Miami and its the longest walk to passport control ever! Like I’m talking I need a staff and a donkey…. Longest immigration line in the world. The last five days have been like a really bad video game-”Worst Business Trip Ever!” by Activision”

WWE had no idea Jericho was going to desecrate the Brazilian flag. It was merely Jericho improvising and being a heel without understanding what he was doing is a felony in Brazil. In case you haven’t seen it yet – here’s video footage of the incident:

Jericho’s longtime friends Shawn Michaels and Lance Storm have commented on the incident:

Shawn Michaels: “I’ll stand behind @IAmJericho any day of the week & twice on Sunday…what’s the big ‘E’ stand for in WWE anyway!!”

Lance Storm: “Thoughts on @IAmJericho He didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done a million times in wrestling. Wrong place & times change.”

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    • iRox420

      Posted those same thoughts the other day, couldn’t agree more with Lance and Shawn

    • Ice

      Hey everyone lets suspend Jericho for degrading a flag…WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! Why suspend a man when he was just trying to stay in character as a heel.

      • Original CM Punk

        I’m fairly certain it was an agreement between WWE and the Brazilian government…had WWE not stepped in and taken any action on Jericho due to being in another country under their laws, the Brazilian government would have been all over Jericho.

    • b-ri

      The E stands for extremely contradicting shawn

      • Jeff

        Why? Unless you mean that there is nothing entertaining about WWE nowadays, then I’d have to agree with you. Shawn was just showing support for Jericho in this what I still think is kayfabe move to explain why Jericho is out of WWE (not like we don’t all know about his tour with Fozzy)–Shawn faced the same firestorm with his Canadian flag move which yes, I agree with…… was worse. You people take a stupid scripted program like this WAY too seriously.

    • GhostDistortion

      It’s called heat. Good for Jericho. FREE JERICHO!

    • KUAstortion

      Still gotta respect the law..

    • everyone in the USA

      If Jericho gets jailed, we riot

    • Beer Money Jobber

      C’mon Brazil, don’t take yourself so seriously. It’s wrestling. Jericho is doing his job by creating heat. Jericho is a metalhead & rocks. Lift that suspension WWE & let a true superstar perform his craft.
      How many times did the Iron Sheik, Nicholai Volkoff & Ivan Kolloff put down the American flag? It’s called a good gimmick.

      • Adayl Iost

        Here in Brazil, All the guys that were in attendance to the event just laughed and booed Jericho when he did the flag stuff.. We all understand it was just a gimmick.. The policemen that step up and decided to do that to Jericho.. If only they do that to our politians who stole our money everyday and they do nothing about it.. Brazil SUCKS!

    • HBK

      Rock vs Jericho #WM29

    • ……

      Wow…I thought he did something much worse…HBK Canadian flag worse….

    • Satx

      No Freedom of Speech in BRAZIL.. Not Good..
      But respect is needed when in other coutries …

    • Matt Rayfield

      Also if wwe did not step in they would have another lawsuit against them too.

    • NotAnAmeriCunt

      The thing is, if somebody in the USA does this, there’s no problem and all should be taken lightly. But if I would burn the USA flag or kick it around, it’s suddenly a small world and huge war coming from the USA. So Entertainment or not. Maybe it’s time for American companies, whether it’s a Canadian doing it or not, to not be so hypocritical.

      But then again… The world would be better off without war faring Americans and their Canadian puppies. They just continue where Hitler left off.

      • Francisco Magana

        Hitler? wtf??? Idiot.

    • Francisco Magana

      Wow. I thought it was much, much worse than that little kick. I’m sorry but, Brasil government, get your head out your ass.

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