Jericho Teases WWE Return, Cena Interviews Ryder, More

Posted by Matt Boone January 21, 2013 7 Comments

- John Cena noted on Twitter that he interviewed Zack Ryder this weekend, and WWE fans “need to hear Zack Ryder’s interview.”

– WWE published an article looking at WWE Developmental’s “top prospects” on NXT. The list includes Kassius Ohno, Leo Kruger, Bo Dallas, Paige, Richie Steamboat, Adrian Neville (PAC), Anya, and Bray Wyatt & The Family.

– Chris Jericho teased the possibility of returning to WWE, writing on Twitter, “Had a dream I was wrestling as a heel under the name ‘Bobby Baby.’ If I ever go back to the WWE, that shall be my new name! #BobbyBaby.”

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    • Steven B

      Seems to me that WWE are planning a big push for Ryder – maybe as a heel since his attitiude has come across as pissed off lately. Why else would they ticker his tweet about not being on the anniversary Raw?

      • Edge

        well i wouldn’t be surprised to see him dissing WWE universe and others in the ring but in my head he must come up with new gimmick and improve his mic skills otherwise he will end up just like Ted DiBiase Jr.

    • theseizurecomic

      What? No Xavier Woods? FOUL!!!!

    • Kage

      Bo Dallas is crap. I can’t stand him…

      I like Leo Kruger’s character and promo skills, but his matches are boring as hell.

      Richie Steamboat is meh.

      Paige is okay.

      Bray Wyatt is awesome.

    • Bill

      I’d start watching this crap again when or if he does, I hate this Story line and Scripts right now.

    • Plissken

      So, this website really thinks that Jericho would like to come back under the name Bobby Baby ? Nobody here can imagine that he was just having some fun and that he was laughing at people that ask every day for a WWE return. Next time, he’ll say he’ll come back as a Diva, you’ll take it seriously ?

    • zzzzz

      Jerico needs to stay away or come back full time this 5 months on 7 months off is stupid

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