Jerry Lawler Checks Out Paige’s Butt On RAW (Clip)

Posted by Brad Davis June 24, 2014 7 Comments

Jerry “The King” Lawler got busted checking out WWE Divas Champion Paige’s butt on RAW. There’s no shame in Lawler’s game, as the King tweeted a photo of himself caught in the act. However, this animated .GIF shows Uncle Jerry in all his glory:

Paige saw Lawler’s tweet and responded in the best way possible:

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    • MissesAttitudeEra

      Back in the day before the PG Era, we would have had Paige having a ‘puppies’ chant in the audience whilst doing a evening gown match with Laila! O How Wwe now disappoints me!

      • Guest

        Yeah because degrading women by referring to their breast as puppies in a crowd replete with young girls is awesome.

    • troll

      She also has a very nice camel toe

    • uncle yoder’s nuts

      Jerry Lawler is doing what most men do, we like butts!!!!

      • Guest

        Paige has Naomi in that department though.

        • Guest

          “Nothing on”

    • Stinkyjoe32

      Idk why hes looking at it.. She shits and farts out of it just like everyone else does

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